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Roadtrip Australia 2011

Day 1:
The boys went to pick up the van, while me and Helene cleaned the apartment and packed our stuff. When they came back, they had the sweetest van ever! With aboriginal art outside , aircondition, TV, kitchen and alot of different signs and signatures innside in the van from different people. Sweet dude!

We put on our Scottie-designed t-shirts, said goodbye too awesome Mick and Krystle, sat up the australian flags on the roof of the van and the pirateflag on the side,  and off we went! Heaps of mapreading later, we ran out of petrol. Luckily we also found a gasstation at the same time, so we were saved. We thought. The gasstation was closed! Oh noooes! The time was about 11.00pm, and we were about 2 hours away from our goal for the day, Coffs Harbour. After some intense discussion and hard thinking (not that we had so many options though), we decided to put up the tent behind the gasstation and wait until next morning. Me and Scott slept in the tent that night, while the 3 others slept in the van. Every now and then we woke up from this really loud sound, a refridgerator (or something ehh..), that made a horrible sound to keep the fridge in the gasstation cold. It sounded like a bigass truck had parked right beside us. I assume we slept like 5 hours maximum, which isnt that bad.

The ozsome roadtrip crew!

Day 2.
When we woke up 5.30 next morning, we were surrounded by bigass ants! They were huuuge, and absolutely the biggest ants I’ve ever seen. But we kicked their asses, refilled the tank and off we went. Again!

This time I wanted to be GPS navigator, so I sat in front with the GPS and two massive maps. I had the route infront of me, but it didnt matter, suddenly we were on the wrong way anyway. Way to go Pattypats! But it didnt create so much damage, we just drove past some nice views and a little city called McPort instead of the normal route through the bush. We also saw BigBanana! Yay! And jumping wild kangaroos! DoubleHugeYAYYAYYAY!

Finally we got to Coffs Harbour, where we met up with Scotts uncle and family. We ate a delicious breakfast in the sun at a local cafe, while we told Scotts uncle about the polarbears, the penguins and the cold cold snow in Norway. :) Good times.

Back in the van again we had sing-along party, yellow-car game, sitch-dog game and I-spy game. Heaps fun ;) Next stop was Lismore, where we were supposed to camp at Craigs place. Craig is the cool beardman from Amsterdam. I worked with him for a month on the pubcrawl, before he escaped back to Australia. But before we got there, we drove up to Nimbin, an FRICKIN AWESOME place with alot of alternative living! It was soooo cool, I HAVE to go back one day. It was like Svartlamon in Norway, or Christiania in Denmark. Just bigger and cooler and way more awesome. Its not a part of a city, it IS a city! Small streets with wild chickens and sleeping dogs outside the shops and weed everywhere. Fun and intresting! They even had a policestation there, but the police didnt care about the weed and stuff like that. A really cool place where everyone was really friendly! And so far my favourite place in Australia. (Besides all the beaches ofcourse).

After Nimbin, we headed for Craigs place. He had a BBQ evening with friends, so after I cuddled his beard again (for good old times sake), and played with his 4 dogs, we ate delicious porksausages and chickensticks! Plus some australian thing I dont remember the name of. It was potatomash rolled innside a piece of ham. (Almost like the day in Klæbuveien Johannes! Just whitout the cheese!) We drank beer and played pool (I rocked bigtime. True story) while it was raining like hell and thunder and lightning outside. It was soooo nice to sit under the tinroof and hear the rain pour down. After a while people went home, so in the end it was just me, Scott and Craig awake. What should we do? YEAH! Ofcourse! Take a swim in Craigs pool! What a great idea! We left our clothes on the verandah and jumped into the pool while it was raining above us. It was refreshing and really nice. A bit cold the first second, but then it just felt good. Until we saw a big poisonus toad stare at us from the corner. We stared back at him, and decided that it was about time to leave the pool and go to bed. On beforehand, Craigs dad had helped us with putting up the tent under the verandah, which we were very glad for when we realized that i started to rain earlier in the day. So when we had dryed up, we said goodnight and went to bed. Morten, TJ and Helene were already sleeping in the van, so me and Scott falled pretty fast asleep in the tent. UNTIL. ”Quak quak!” ”Ssssh! What is that?!” Suddenly something jumped on the top of the tent and we could see the shapes of a big madass toad! ”quak quak!” Eeeew!” He jumped around on the top of the tent, until Scott poked him in the frogstomach and he jumped down again. This happend twice and it was really really freaky! It was biiiiig and nasty! But finally we falled asleep again and didnt wake up until 10.00 am the next morning.

The street in Nimbin. Notice the cute sleeping dog :)

Craigo!! :)

Day 3.
We packed our stuff, and ate a delicious breakfast (I had vegemite on toast!), said thank you thank you thaaaank you to Craig, his parents and the four dogs, and then headed for Byron Bay. It was about 45 minutes drive, and Craig joined us as well. With his own car. We booked Morten and Helene in at a campside with the tent, and parked the van in Byron Bay. We walked around a bit in the town, grabbed a beer at Byron Bays most famous hotel/bar and played a game of pool. The rain was pouring down, but that didnt stop us from going to the beach to take a look. As fast as we got there I was thrilled by amasement, it was sooo beutiful, even if it was raining! I threw my thongs of, and ran down to the water, and guess what! It was SOOOO hot! I shouted up to the rest of the gang and told them that I HAD to take a swim! Whatever what they said, I was going into the water! They did not agree. And after a couple of minutes they convinced me, they were right, it wasnt a good idea. It would take ages to dry up again if I went for a swim…. And they were right. Ofcourse. So instead, we drove the van up to the lighthouse, and took a walk around. Stunning! The best view ever, it was extremely nice! The most eastern point in Australia. Photo was required. On the walk back to the van, we saw DOLPHINS! Wooh! Dolphins playing in the waves below us, and surfers trying to catch the waves on the nearest beach. It was really really beutiful, and I just HAVE to go back one day. When its sunny though. Later on, we drank beer at Byron Bays nightclubs, until we got to tired. TJ hadnt been drinking, so he drove Morten and Helene back to the campside, and then the three of us went to find a place in the bush where we could park the van. We took first to the right, and then to the right again, and boom, we were in the bush. We parked the van and falled asleep. TJ in the front and me and Scott in the back. Around 4.00am we woke up. It was so damn hot. A cup of water and some fresh air later, we falled asleep again, and slept until 06.30. ”dunk dunk dunk” ”dunk dunk dunk”. ”This is private property!” Woups! A grumpy old farmer in gumboots and the shirt of, stood outside the van and told us to gett he f*** out of there. Well, he were polite though, but he certainly didnt like us sleeping at his property! We opened our eyes and drove the way we came from. 200 metres. We were in the middle of a neighbourhood, but too tired to care about it, plus, we saw another wicked van parked on the side, so we decided to park next to them. And after 3 minutes, we were at sleep again.

Goodbye doggies :)

The beach! Im getting ready to jump in!

Australias most eastern point :)

Day 4.
We woke up when Morten and Helene called us and said they were bored, so we begun pack our bags, and theeeeen…. A civil policecar drove past us, and then they came back.. Three policemen stepped out, and woke up the people in the other van. Then they went back to the car, drove slowly over to us, and since I was the only person outside our van at that time.. they pointed me over through the frontwindow. I looked around, thinking… ”me?”, realized that yes, it was me they wanted, and went over. ”Excuse me miss.. When did you arrive Byron?” ”Ehm.. yesterday?” ”Well, then I tell you to find another place to sleep! DONT sleep at the street, okey? Or else I’ll be GRUMPY and give you a fine! Okey?” ”Uh.. Okey sir!” ”So girl, where are you from?” ”Norway sir!” ”Ohhh wooow! Norway! Thats a cold place! You have polarbears there?” ”Yeah, they walk up and down the street all day Sir, gotta bring your weapon to make sure they dont attack you!” Pjoh. They didnt hate me. So after a couple of more jokes about Norway and the cold, they let me go. We chatted a couple of words with the other van, they were also on their way to Cairns, but instead of 14 days, they had 32. Woho.

We drove to pick up Morten and Helene, and the rain started to pour down again. We needed some brekkie (Yeah, Im starting to get the Aussie slang! Waka waka!), so we went in to Byron bay again, where we met Craig and went for some delicious bananabreadbrekkie! :D Awesome! We said goodbye to Craig, and he promised to come visit me in melbourne, so he better do it! We drove up to Coffs Harbour, where we met Scott’s uncle Anthony and his family. We ate lunch in the sun and talked about kangaroos, crockodiles, sandsharks and the wild crazy polarbears we have in Norway. On our way further north, we saw some wild kangaroos jumping in the bush, which was awesome! I tried to make a video of them, but unfortenlately they were to far away.

After a while, we arrived Tweed Heads, and Scott’s other uncle Pete with his family. They live in the forest with poisonous toes, badass spiders and cute salamanders! We were going to sleep at their place for the next days, so we all were very happy when we finally arrived. The house is amazing big,with a huge garden and a nice pool! We sat in the livingroom chilling out for a while, before we drove to Wet ’n’ wild Waterpark! It wasnt sunny, but it didnt matter because we were going to be wet anyway!

The park was amazing with alot of fun rides! One of them were where you go inside a tube, they close the lid in front of you, while you are standing right up and down, they count down, and suddenly the floor disappear under you! Frickin’ scary! But SO much fun! I did think I would die the first time I tried it though, but I didnt! Woho! They also had grouprides, where we all went in togheter! It was really really fun, and I could spent hours and hours there! In the evening, most of the rides closed, but then, instead of a drive in movie, they had DIVE in movie! So you could lie in the water, or sit on the grass, watching KarateKid! It was awesome, and very relaxing after a long day.

When we got home that evening we were sooo tired, that we all falled asleep as soon as the head hit the pillow.

Scotts drawing of us inside the van!

Mudgereeba Forest, where we stayed for a while with Scott's family.

Day 5.
I woke up when Scott started to talk to his nepheu Lucky, a pretty cool kid on 8 years, that adores Scott like ants adores sugar. Its kinda funny to watch him. ”Scottiiiie! Come! Come heeeere! Scoottie! Play with meee! Scottieee! Scottttieee!” Hehe :D After I had a cup of coffee (”What? Are you drinking coffee whitout milk or sugar?” «Yes, yes I am.»), we drove to Movieworld. A park full of rides and cartoons from different movies! Batman, Catwoman, Daffy Duck etc. etc. We took alot of different rides, my favourite were the rollercoaster where we hang in the air! Lethal Weapon! Me and Scott stood in the line to be in the first seat, and it was totally worth it! Extremely scary, and i really thought I would die, but again, I didnt! Weeey! But after that ride, I was so shaked, that I needed a brake. So me and Scott ate frozen banana with chockolate and nuts! Yay! (Ever seen Arrested Development??) We also went on this actionshow, where they did cool stunts with cars and bikes and fire and smoke. Awesome!

The park closed around 05.00am, so we went back home, and had BBQ with Scotts family. Which was really nice. In the evening we all sat in the kitchen chatting about random stuff. Norway. Africa. Beer. TV-shows. Amsterdam. Food. Bla. Bla Bla. And then. Toad’s hunting! The all five of us, Scotts uncle, and his cousins Jess and Lucky, went out in the backyard, with one flashlight, a camera and a big stick! We were sneaking around until one of us spotted a toad, and then… BAM! Hit it with the stick! Is it dead? YEAH! It is! The toads are poisonus, not for humans though, but for animals. They are also imported to the country and therefor, they have no natural predators. Which means, they are everywhere! So kill’em all!

Flash, Scottie and Green Lantern!

Scott and TJ outside Charlie's Chockolatefactory!

Morten, Helene and TJ inside the awesome wicked van!

Day 6.
As soon as we woke up, we went to SeaWorld. We spent the day there, with the sealions, the penguins, polarbears, stingrays, seals, dolphins and SHAAAARKS! We went to three different shows, one with the dolphins, which was SO awesome! They were jumping around and throwing the trainers in the air! Weee! We also went to a Jetski Extreme Stunt Show! Amazing stunts and very cool! (The coolest part were afterwards ofcourse. When Scott took a picture with me in the middle of four hunks! Nam Nam Nam! One of them were world champion!)

This park also closed at 05.00pm, and when we got to the car… WOUPS. We were out of gas. We managed to drive the car about 300 metres, before we had to put on the emergencylights, and me and Scott went for adventure to find a gasstation. I took us about 30 minutes, wandering over a bridge and between a very nice neighbourhood in Surfers Paradise. Luckily it didnt rain. So much. Just a little bit.

Finally we got home to our wonderful hosts again, and we had a wonderful BBQ again, with chicken, vegetable skewers and delicious cornbread with butter! Nam nam! After the dinner, I played Wii Sport with Lucky, Scott’s cousin. I have to say, I was pretty good at it! In the evening we watched television, the news! We all wondered how the weather was further up north. The flood had been a worry since we left Sydney, and it was from this point it was intresting. Scotts uncle, Pete, recommanded us to just try. By the time we might have reached Rockhampton, the flood maybe would be sinking down again, and the roads were still open. We decided to think about it over the night.

Dolphins in the air! :D

Me, Helene and four Jet-ski hunks!


Day 7.
We woke up pretty early, and decided to drive up to Springbrook, a place in the bush with big and nice waterfalls.  It was raining, but that didnt stop us. At least that was what we thought! Half way to Springbrook, we drove past a sign saying: ”Springbrook closed”. We said: ”oh…”, but decided to try to get as far as we could. Another 5 km went away, the rain was still pouring down, and we drove further and further into the bush. Suddenly we drove over a bridge,  a bridge that almost were flooded, it was just some milimetres left until the water reached up to the road, it was really strange, but we didnt stop. Up we went, higher and higher, and when we reached the top, and the road went down on the other side, we were met by flashing lights, and a policecar that stopped everyone from entering. Bummer. We didnt have any other choice than turn around again, and head for Brisbane. In Brisbane we were going to meet Amy, a girl from Scott’s Con-Tiki travels, and one of the girls we norwegians met with Scott on Pragues pubcrawl. She lived in The Valley in Brisbane, in a nice apartment with a pool in the backyard! Yay! After installing at her place, we took the train to Brisbane city to walk around and take a look. Me and Scott went to South Banks, a very nice place right outside the centrum, with a ferris wheel, a little rainforest, and ”fake” beaches whit nice white sand. We didnt bring our swimmers, so we just puddled around. The water was so nice, I really felt like jump out into the water, but time was running out, we had to go back and meet the others.

Back at Amy’s place, we made tacos for everyone, and chilled with movies, our laptops and chilled smoking at the verandah.  Me and Scott even found time for a swim in the pool! Nice!

During this day, we found out that we couldnt get to Cairns, which was our final goal. Instead we decided to be at Brisbane for a couple of days, go up north to see Scotts aunt and family, and then a little further north to a place called Noosa, before we planned to head back to Brisbane, and deliver the van to the Wicked Van deposit and take plane home two days before planned.

Flooded river!

Helene and me in Brisbane!

Me in Brisbane!

Day 8.
When we woke up, we ate a good breakfast and played some Guitar Hero before we decided to og to the lookoutpoint over Brisbane. It was STILL raining, but as before, it couldnt stop us! When we got there, we couldnt se a thing. It was to cloudy and to rainy. We jumped back in the car after 2 minutes, and drove around on the mountain just to have a look for something cool stuff to do or to see or to go. While we were fooling around, Scott got a phonecall. It was Amy. She told us to come back, because she had to evacuate. The flood was nearby, and they had to move as fast as they could! Woooh! I was in the front seat, and plotted in the correct (I thought) adress for Amy’s place on the GPS. At this point it was lines everywhere. People tried to get back to their home or out of the city, so after a good 45 minutes, we were stuck in the panicing traffic…, what could get worse? Baff. Yeah. There we go. The radio stopped playing, the whispers stopped whispering, and the power got shut down. Out of battery! On the highway! In a big intersection! With the flood JUST around the corner! It was CRAZY and very surrealistic. When the van broke down, a police car came, and we thought they came because of us, but they werent. They came and blocked the traffic in the street RIGHT next too us, because the flood was just metres away. And it was raising! It was the craziest thing I’ve ever experienced!  Luckily some nice people from a shop next door came and helped us push the car on the sidewalk, and they even gave us a jumpstart. It took a while, I reckon about 30 minutes, but then we were off again. This time I was at the back, and TJ in front. We drove a good 30 minutes more, and then I heard from the frontseat.. ”Paaaatsyyyy?” Shitt. Yepp. The directions I had plotted in on the GPS had led us to the other side of the city. What could I do, rather than put a smile on my face and say: ”Shitt happends!” And five minutes after that, the van broke down again! This time we had time enough to navigate up in front of a house, but the people living there wouldnt help us, so I stood with the cabels in my hand (in the rain!), trying to stop people. Finally a man stopped and helped us out, and at this time I was sure I would never ever sit in the front seat again. I dont wanna be the reason to why we get stucked in the middle of a flood! We also got so tired of the van breaking down, that we decided to deliver it to the van deposit. If it continued braking down, we wouldnt get up north anyway. At the deposit, they were very friendly and gave us a new van instead of! So instead of stressing with taxi’s, trains and buses, we drove back to Amy’s place (at this time, it was 5 hours since she told us to evacuate!), to pick up our stuff and gett he h*ll out of there! Luckily the place wasnt flooded yet, so we parked the van, literally ran up the stairs, packed our stuff, took a quick shower and went off again. Now, Scott had talked to his family, everyone said we had to get out of Brisbane, and we all agreed about driving up north to his aunt. On the way, we drove past a lot of flooded areas, but the worst part was when we drove past a area where it was water up to the roofs and cars were floating around. We were shocked, but continued driving. The road were higher up than the rest, so we went on. I think we all had diverse thoughts about the drive, and I think everyone wanted to turn around, but noone said anything before we were met by policecars telling us to slow down, and a BIG pound of water behind them. The van survived the pound, but after it, we pulled over and said… ”Maybe.., we should turn around and drive back to the Gold Coast…” If we had continued, we would never get back to Brisbane, since the water just raised and raised. When we went back, we saw that the police closed the road and that the water was alot higher than just a couple of minutes before. I think we made the right descicion.

Finally, we were back at the Gold Coast and Scotts uncle Pete, and his family. The people we stayed at before, when we went to Seaworld and the other themeparks. We all had a beer to cool down, and went straight to bed after a pretty hectic day.


The car broke down, but no reason to cry! :P

The police closed the road.

Day 9.
After a bad night sleeping for me, (I kept on dreaming about flood! :P), we woke up, ate brekkie and since it was SUNNY, we went back to Wet’n Wild! And with us, we brought Lucky! Scotts nepheu on 8 years. It was alot of: ”This will take foreeeever!” and ”The line is sooo biiiig!” But in the end I think we all had a great day! Lucky was brave and took all the rides, even the ones he said he didnt dare to take ;) When Pete came to pick up Lucky, the Dive in Movie started, so we all benched up in a little cabin near the pool, and watched the movie. It was cozy and very nice!

When we got home again, we stayed up chatting a bit, butt hen we all falled asleep pretty fast.

Inside the first wicked van!

Helene and TJ watching Dive in Movie!

Day 10.
Another sunny day at the gold coast! And since we all had VIP passes for the worlds, why not go back to Movieworld? So we did. And it was just as fun as the first time. A bit more sunny, and a bit more people in the park, but the lines were shorter, so it went quick! My favourite store in Movieworld is definelately Charlie’s chockolatefactory! They have the best caramelfrogs ever:) The park still closed at 05.00 pm, so then we went back to Scotts family and ate a good dinner that Tracey made for everyone. After dinner time, the boys wanted to play poker, so me and Helene were watching a couple of rounds, but then it looked so fun, that we decided to join as well. We did great ;) So great that everyone went to bed and slept until next day :P

We have to use sink! To not get sunburned! :P Ofcourse.

Day 11.
Well, we woke up, chilled at the couch and watched TV-shows, before we decided to do something. It was Friday and our last day at holiday. We looked through some brochures Tracey had brought us, and me and Scott decided to go jet-ski’ing and parasailing! The rest of the crew were to tired to join, so they had a relaxed they home, while me and Scott went on adventure! First we drove to the adress the voucher said, we found a car on the beach with a banner that said: ”Water sports! Hire here!” A little sceptical we went over and told them that we already had booked for two. The lady told us to go down to the beach and from there a boat would pick us up. We went down, and I just had to feel the water. It was SO warm, and it was so nice, again, all I wanted to do was to jump out in it and take a swim. But my clothes and the camera in my pocket stopped me. After some minutes, a white racingboat with a man with a cowboyhat came towards us. He slowed down and shouted: ”How’s it going?” We understood it was our pick-up-boat, and jumped in. He drove us over to the other side, fast as a RACEHORSE (:P), and when we got to the other side, we were on the other side of the SeaWorld! He showed us where to sign up, and after everything was cleared, we were ready for jet-ski’ing! It was AMAZING! The coolest adrenalinkick ever! We had 30 minutes, and both me and Scott had our own jet-ski. We couldnt drive wherever we wanted, but they had made a lap around where we could drive, and so we did! The jet-ski could go up to 100 km/h on 7 seconds, so it was FAST! I was a little bit more careful than Scott, he was a maniac. He even fell off twice! But we both had a great time, it was absolutely the coolest thing we had done on our roadtrip! After 30 minutes, we were called into the harbour again, and a man told us to step aboard on a boat. It was me, Scott, a family of four and 4 friends from nepal, and we all were going parasailing! We drove fast out to the sea, and the family were first. It looked sooo scary, but it also looked coool, so I was HEAPS excited! When they came down it was me and Scott. Up we went and it was THE coolest thing I’ve ever done! We were so high up in the air and the water was soo far down, and we saw everything! I felt I was flying! It was the best experience ever.

After the parasailing we went to Surfers Paradise to look for a nice beach. We saw beaches everywhere, but the waves were to hiiiigh! And on them, it was red flags, which means no swimming! But finally we saw a little spot on about 3 metres, between two flags, where it was allowed to swim, so so we did. The waves were so powerful and so high! It was like a big wall coming towards us! Scary shit! And when they went back out in the ocean again, it was not possible to stand still, you were dragged with, even if you wanted or not. Cool! When we finally got home again, we drank beer and played poker with Scotts uncle and his nepheu again. We went to bed early, since we had to get up next day… Our very last night.

Me and the speedboat!


Day 12.
We drove our van to the depot in Brisbane, it wasnt flooded anymore, so luckily there were no problem. From the depot, we took a cab to the airport, and some hours later we were home at Scotts place. Our home for the next month. :) Exciting!


During this roadtrip, I had alot of fun. I didnt just experience new cool stuff and got knowledge about things I didnt know about before, but I also got the best gift ever. The best guy is now my guy, and he makes me very happy :)

Me and Scott at the beach!

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