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The year that’s past.

«Happy New Year Bro!»
– I celebrated NYE at a Festival on Philip Island. I was excited.»
«Takk Værsegod Unnskyld Pupp Norsk»
– Me and Scott went to Sydney to start our adventure. We barely made it.»
«Totaly OZsome!»
– Right before we are leaving for our roadtrip!»
«Melbourne baby, Melbourne!»
– And we are back :)
«Rocking Out!»
– The roadtrip song.
«Han der fine er så fin så fin»
– I guess I’m in love with my boyfriends beard.
– A good roadtrip qoute.
«Happy Australia Day!»
– We celebrated Australia. Got wasted pasted shit-facted and ate hot dogs.

«He scores eightytwo point five»
– It was a norwegian guy on TV. And I petted kangaroos :)
«My lovely
– We celebrated valentines day & 1 month anniversary!! <3 The proof that my BF is the best ;)
«Who is the kitten?»
– Polite Aussies and frisbeegolf.
«Picture time»
– Pictures from happenings.
«Dehla Love LaTrobe»
– First day at Uni is officially over!»

«Go Turty! – Abra used teleport.»
– Melbourne is so very cultural!
«Dachsy the Puppy and Nicks penis»
– Essendon is playing St. Kilda and we got a little puppy!»
«Sweetpotato Superfries»
– Shops and shops and fries and grafitti. Its Melbs!
«Yes to school uniforms at Norwegian schools!»
– I just realised that Im in Australia all by myself! Wooh Waaah!!

«The story of my life»
– Someone hurt my feelings…
«My everyday sunday»
– Sunday activities.
«Top Gear and cheese»
– A poem about getting money! :D
«I love poo!»
– This is not my work. Scott is the author.
««Whisper whisper» (omg)»
– Easter pictures :)

«I still caaaaal Norwaaay hooomeee…..»
– Thoughts about moving by myself.
«Feilen med Australia»
– Food home vs. food out. Australia style.
«Ja, vi elsker dette landet!»
– How will I celebrate 17th of May?
«Postgirobygget, Alexander Rybak m.m.»
– How the celebration was.
«Back on track! Norwegian it is!»
– Its cold, and recent pictures. Ps: I might have blue hair on these pics!

«Its wicked! W w w wicked!»
– Our trip to Adelaide!
«A few of the people I miss.»
– Old picture and good memories.
«Dont be lame Nick. (Who is Nick? IDK)»
– A nice dinner with friends :)
«Et ikke sånn altfor seriøst innlegg. Litt seriøst. Men bare litt.»
– Students in Trondheim vs. students in Australia.
«Jetstunt Extreme»
– Sometimes (very seldom), I miss home so much that its difficult to breath.

«Fordi jeg er så omtenksom»
– Someone kept searching for festival clothes to enter my blog, so this is a blogpost dedicated to this person :)
««Åhhh, jeg er så lei meg for tiden!» «Hvorfor det?» «Operah går kun i Reprise!»
– Maria, Stina and Erlend Øye <3
«De peenga, de peeenga.. de er til bekymring… og til besvær. Elns.»
– A conversation.
«Tut tut tulling!»
– Boyfriend- birthday-present!
«Chupa chups lollipops! 5 for 1 AUD!»
– I hate false advertising, and I love the Bombers!
«Mens vi venter på bilder fra ferien»
– Rebecca Black VS. Justin Bieber….
«If a man can show so much hate, think how much love we can show togheter!»
– My own thoughts about Utøya 2011. Never forget <3 RIP.

«Back at university with my PINK book»
– Things that are different in Australia compared to Norway.
«Love this country!»
– Pictures from our trips to Great Ocean Road and Perth!

«The world is a book, and those who dont travel only read one page.»
– A description of my Uni teachers.
«Rocking out»
– Aussie thoughts, drinking habits, a new room, GOW3 and norwegian flags.

«My birthday in pictures»
– Best birthday ever :)
«My nose is cold»
– What I have done and what I want to do.
«GOF 3»
– Little Vikings Brewery!
«I need a haircut.»
– An up&go misunderstanding :)
«Its always sunny in Philadelphia»
– A story about my way home from Uni one day.
«Share a coke with….. MORRADI!»
– Its thunder and lightning and Im all alone home…

«Spider, spider on my wall. Fuck of.»
– Pictures from the Melbourne Races! :)
«How I survive in Australia, or how I dont to be more exact.»
– Hvorfor har man vinter når det ikke snør her? Og hvorfor er det kun småunger på campus? Og PÅLEGG! Jeg savner pålegg!
«My budgie»
– The post I wrote for my little angel budgie that lives in budgie heaven :) RIP.
«Savne dæ byen min»
– Lyrics dedicated to my city! I miss Trondheim!

«This post was written a week ago.»
– 24 bars, 12 hours, 1 camera, heaps of fun.
«12 apostles?»
– Lack of christmas spirit and a daytrip to Great Ocean Road.
«Have you ever played?»
– And boom. We turned geek. My D&D background story.
«3 fjukings år siden æ har spist pepperkake!»
– Hungover day and tickets for Sydney NYE!
«Sommer sommer sommer den er her, med strand og vann og grønne sommerklær»
– Pictures from the last weeks.
«Et juleevangelium»
– And this is how christmas in Australia is celebrated.»

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