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Last year.

«Compaq, min compaq
-I celebrated New Years Eve!
«Flotte folk og bra mennesker
-People are cute, and I like cute people.
-I passed my exames, thanks to my housmates in Klæbuveien!
«Noe sært. Veldig sært.»
-Martin moved out and my brain stopped working!
«Swing er digg!»
-I was drunk and danced with the coolest guy ever! Kjartan!
«Arrested Development, ja, og gode venner!»
-I love my bestfriend Kenneth!
«That don’t make me a bad girl
-I’ve been on RedCross event!
«Sushi sushi nam nam»
-I was watching soccer. Go Arsenal!

«A1 og posebærende gentlemenn»
-Klæbuveien is a nice place to live, and A1 is a great band!
«Shoot me goldstrike!»
-Boys. There are several different types of boys out there.
«Gjesteinnlegg; takk Are og Adi»
– Girls. There are several different types of girls out there. Written by Are & Adi.
«Æ e gla i dæ læll»
-The cutest video on youtube. I love you anyway!
«5-3-4 Go go go!»
-Im in love. With curlingmaster Thomas Ulsrud! And I dislike Petter Northug.
«Tomat, en frukt eller grønnsak?»
-I was wrong, I love Petter Northug as well.
«Ingen, ingen! INGEN avlyser en date med meg! Sitat ukjent»
-It freaks me out when people google my name. And I’m looking forward to Prague!

«I know about a really cool place! U have a flashlight?»
-The best people went to Prague!»
«Norge VS. Australia. – Drømmer VS. Planer»
-Im dreaming about going to Australia next semester.
«Viking fairy ninja princess request the spring!»
-Im ready for the spring, and I like chatroulette. Scott is drawing pictures.»
«Påskelæll. Sitat: Random facebook bruker.»
-I’m talking about my housemates. And I got attacked by birds.

«Patsy åpner herberge!»
-I found out about couchsurfing! My first surfers, Robbie and Rowan from England!
«Viste du at? Kun et fåtall i England har hørt om Eurovision?»
-I like people that are positive.
-I found out that I wanted to try to write my blog in English! And I like languages.
«Klæppsup å kakskiv med ganklæbb»
-I’m fallin for you.
-I was photoshop addicted for a little while.
«Me gustas tu»
-I like Spain, and some pictures from an awesome trip to Lade.
«Intet nytt å melde»
-Nothing new. In spanish, english and norwegian!
«<3 Opp, opp og litt til. Island da.»
-Im not angry at Iceland. And I like Australia.
«Dvaskhet, russeditt og massasjedatt»
-Random crap about life and russecelebration and the fact that I like massage.
«Besos FF»
-I realize that I’m gonna miss french and spanish friends. But I look forward to celebrate RUSS!

«Free sheep!»
-Silly weather and awesome russe-celebration.
«Det går helt fint det»
-I love my class. 3PB4A!
«7 gode ting, og 3 dårlige»
-10 facts about life right now.
«Kanskje det rett og slett er overskriften på innlegget?»
-When you are studying. Always bring chockolate and coffe. Right Dag?
«Cant go a minute whitout your love!»

«Fairytale cupcakes»
-A strange day.
«Happy birthday mamma!»
-My mother’s birthday!
«I like hot summer rain.»
-Looking forward to summer, and looking back at memories.
«The best and most beutiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.»
-I cheer up myself and love my friends.
«Shit happens!»
-Moths are SO uncool.
«Zitt Zatt? Zitt Zatt!»
-Summer update.
«tengas un buen viaje de vuelta a casa guapo»
-Goodbye Pablo. I’ll miss you.

-I’m on holiday. In north of Norway. Its nice.
-Trænafestivalen was great! And I wanna travel! Australia?
-Morten surprised Helene <3
«language guerra and memories that never fades»
-I miss people from Klæbuveien. And people complaine.
«la batamanta»
-Most awesome party ever!
«Sometimes a hug is all whats needed»
-I wanna jump in time.
«norwegian gem»
-A good good day!

«I know someone»
-I’m happy and positive!
«Ich bin eine groze wienerschnitzel!»
-Holland and Oktoberfest, here I come!
«Casiokids @ Falls Music and Arts Festival in Victoria, Australia!»
-Getting ready for Australia.
«Dushi dushi»
-Youtube video. What is the clock?
«Takk for pannekaker Karl Johan»
-I’ve started saying YES, instead of no.
«nuevo mensaje de patsy»
-Two stories in one.
«The DJ got us falling in love again»
-10 things that makes me happy. And fricking bad timing.

«21 days left»
-Downtown, my favourite pub in Trondheim.
«18 days left»
-Working for Aha is great fun.
«15 days left. right.»
«Shitt, its på norsk!»
-Last time with Red Cross. And a night at the police station.
«Buzz Lightyear»
-Feeling! Dont think. Just feel.
«Delectably, dark and sexy»
-Im reading a english book. Wow.
«Last blogentry from Trondheim»
-My very last days before I left. Goodbyes are not forever though.
«Diary #1»
-Ive arrived Holland! Enjoying it!

«Alle gode ting er 3??»
-I’m alive at Oktoberfest!
«Oktoberfest – 200 Jahre!»
-Oktoberfest, the whole story!
«Verrukkelijke geur verrassend laag geprijsd»
-I’ve moved to Amsterdam! Waka waka!
«Waka Waka, its Amsterdamage»
-I’ve met lovely Sif and Isabella. My new roomies!
«Live well, love much and laugh often.»
-Standard day in Amsterdam. Behind the scenes.
«Alexander Rybak hadde en gang en hit… Hva het den?»
-Is it christmas already? Im learning dutch!
«I’ve just ordered my first Durty Nellys burger.
-I had a dream…

«With some Abraxas you get this:»
-Dont write on your blog when you are high.
«Thats the way the cookie crumbles!»
-I miss Emrik.
«Dont ever sloop in the livingroom!»
-Just a update.
«The adventures of BlinkyBill!»
-Blog challenge.
«Who’s precious little life?»
-10 things about myself.
«My head hurts»
-10 things I love.

-I’ve had visit in Amsterdam! Frank, Kenneth and Kristine!
«Det snør, det snør. Tiddelibom!»
-Amsterdam is going crazy just because of some snow!
«Ay ay Captain Skull!»
-My last days in Amsterdam and the best christmas ever! With Scott and his family in Australia! <3

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  1. <3 Takk kjære Patricia for at jeg får dele dine opplevelser <3 Koz deg å ha det fortsatt fint <3 Glad i dæ å savne dæ <3


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