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18 days left

Downtown = awesome. And so are Morten, Helene and Tine. And Max Harry! Really. Max Harry? What kind of person (in Norway) calls their child Max Harry? (In Norway, Harry is a… uhm. Well.., its not a nice thing you call someone!)

Yesterday I was working to set up a stage. It took us 11 hours! Well. Other people already started on monday though. And its not 100% done before saturdaymorning. Which is now. But it was really fun! Hard work for sure. But funfunfun! I met many intresting people. 300 people working with different things. Mostly men. From Ireland. Or Germany. Or England. Well. Have you ever met irish people? They swear. They shout. They insult eachother. All. the. time. It was fun though. Sometimes I just had to stop working and listen up. I laughed pretty much during those hours. Anyway. Today my whole body is sore. Thousands of trucks came and delivered stuff. Big stuff. And I was one of them that had to push and carry this boxes and what so ever it was up to the stage. Thousands of trucks. I tell you. It never stopped! I also sat up fences around the area. And fixed the cables. The funniest (and easiest) work was when I co-operated with one german, one irish and two norwegian guys on hanging up big lights behind the scene! My work was to tape the wholes with black tape. Yay! We were really effective and a good team! Just a pity I feel the way I do, since Im gonna work after the concert today as well. 4 days setting up an stage. 6 hours to take it down. Excited! :D