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Oktoberfest – 200 Jahre!

Okey, time to tell the world about my experiences at Oktoberfest. Well. Where to start. As you might now, I travelled alone. First Daniel and me went to Schoonhoven and his family again. They are such a friendly family, and I slept there one night. No problems at all. I’ve felt very comfertable and welcomed every time I’ve been there, this time as well. You just got to like them! Sunday evening, Daniel got visit from a old friend. The three of us went out for a beer, at Schoonhoven’s local pub. It was. Intresting. Especially because of all the stories I got served from their childhood. (And me, who thought Daniel was such a nice boy. Man, I was wrong. Haha) Anyway, it was fun!

Monday, before my travel towards Münich started, i borrowed Tessa, Daniels sisters, bike, and went for a bikeride to Schoonhoven centrum. Even if it was rainy I made some awesome photos. Btw; Schoonhoven is ”eine zilverstadt” :P A nice place, for sure. Then my travel towards Münich started, first the bus to Utrecht, and then from Utrecth to Münich. 10 hours. During nighttime. Cool enough. If it hadn’t been so cold! I was freezing like an aussie would do in Norway, and thats pretty bad! But finally we were there. All I knew where that my hostel were a tent they set up only for Oktoberfest every year, and I also had the adress. Therefor I waved at a taxi, and told him to drive me there. The german taxidriver didn’t speak english, and me and my german isn’t that much to brag about. But. I think it was pretty cool. ’cause somehow we managed to communicate anyway. I understood more german then he understood english though. Anyway, he told me that, no. There were no hostel at this adress. Only partybars. I said he was wrong, and told him to drive me there anyway. When we finally got there, I saw nothing else than partypubs and bars everywhere! Really. Everywhere! In the middle of a industrie area. I got literally shocked, and had no idea what to do. The taxidriver said sorry, and asked if I wanted him to drive me back, or what I had in my mind. I think I looked very sad and disappointed when I said yes, drive me back. So he turned of his engine and went out to ask some random people. Suddenly he turns, smiles at me, and gives me thumbs up. When he get back in the taxi, he turnes of the taxtametre and says he know where it is. I’m sure we drove around for 15 minutes or so, before we finally found the tent in the middle of nowhere. Pjoh! It was a pretty big tent/hostel, and I’m sure there were over 1000 people there at the same time. Awesome!

Im not gonna give a detailed description of what happend the next 6 days, beacuse to be honest. I have no idea. Haha. Well. I know what i did. But I have no idea which day it was. But first of all. I met Kara from Australia. A girl I first met in Prague when I were there in February. Kinda cool to catch up again! I also met her boyfriend Cliff, they were really awesome! Togheter with them I met their friends and their friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends. It was coolio. Really look forward to my Australia adventure to begin, where I for sure will meet them again! The last days I also met Daniel, Job and Marchezza again. The dutchies I lived with in Rotterdam. It was really awesome! We had alot of fun, especially me and Daniel at Kultfabrik Saturdaynight. Whitout saying anything more about that ;) Whitout these people which I knew from before, I made alot of new friends. From all over the world! I can mention people from Ireland, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, USA, Sweden, Italy, France, Canada, Australia, Israel and England. Some of them will I for sure stay in touch with, others were just during those days. It was alot of fun anyways!

And. Not to forget. Celebrating birthday at Oktoberfest was awesome! The 29th of September, I went to a pubcrawl, where I met some people I also had met the day before. I had ofcourse told them that my birthday were the 30th, so when the time went over midnight, I got surprised by everyone suddenly starting to sing the birthdaysong! It was so cool, but also a bit embarassing. Haha. During this party I got alot of free beers, but the coolest ”present” was a shot called B52. I’ve heard about it before, but never seen it, or tryed it. So when the bartender came to us with two shots on FIRE, I got really freaked out! I cant shot that! Its fucking on fire! But they convinced me, no problemo. Just put in the straw and shot it fast! Everything! And I did it! Yay! On our way to another bar, we met two drunk buddies, and two of the people I was with said to them, ”hey guys! She’s a birthdaygirl! Say congratz!” The two guys turned around and looked pretty shocked before one of them said: ”Noway! It’s his birthday as well!” None of us belived them ofcourse, but we saw his passport, and it was true! Haha, what’s the chance? Next day, when I woke up, I found a rose on my pillow, which totally made my day! It was from German, a spanish guy I shared room with. He had already left for the airport, but it was so kind and cute of him! Later on, in one of the oktoberfest’s beertent, I met some crazy irish people. Of them (or to be honest, from the really wasted one) I got four teddybears. Well. It was four. But then he started to give them away to others. I though: ”noway! Their mine now!” So the last two did I put in my purse pretty fast. I saved them! This evening I also met 3 swedish men. They were sooooo old, that they could be my father (hey dad, dont worry, ur not old!), but it was so nice to finally talk norwegian again! They were kinda funny, and they bought me beer and something to eat as well! :) Nice, right? I also got a kiss on my birthday! But only on my cheek. Who it was from? I wonder… :)

Well. I think this is enough. I’m not even sure if someone have time to read all this. Haha. But it doesnt matter, I write mostly for myself, not for others ;)

Just a few more lines:P On Sunday, I got a ride back with Job, Daniel, Marchezza and Konstantin. It was a long ride, but since I dont have driver’s license (haha, hurray!), I could sleep all way home! Home. Err… Rotterdam I mean.  I stayed in Rotterdam for two more nights, including some beers at Oude Haven with Daniel, Pim and Corine. It was nice, I truly enjoy Rotterdam! If I didn’t have Australia plans, I would definately moce to Rotterdam for a longer period!

Right now, I’m in Amsterdam. At ”StayOkey Hostel”. Its as they say…, okey. The hostel in Prague and Dublin was way more better, but again, its okey. They have 24 hours reception, nice rooms, enough showers, an awesome breakfast, and wachingmachine. The waschingmachine is expencive though. 7,50 Euro for one wash. Bah. Amsterdam itself, is more okey now, than what I thought it was last time I was here. The tourists are still everywhere, and so aret he bikes, but its okey. I think I will get more used to it after a while. Tomorrow. Is the day when I will meet my future work! How exciting ain’t that?

But people. I want visit! I really really want visit! So everyone of you that have said your coming! No way back! Who will be the first? Frank? Adnan? Daniel? Stina? Henny? Maria? Jose? Sonia? Javi? Carlos? Matze? Torstein?  Helene? Tine? Daddy-D? Mummy-M? Come on guys, V-I-S-I-T me before I travel even further away! AUSTRALIA!!! Ah, cant wait. (yea, I know, not everyone of the one I mentioned have promised to visit.. but come anyway) :P

Last blogentry from Trondheim

My things are packed.
Im leaving.

So what have I done the last days? If we dont count the boring stuff.

Friday. Last party with the Spanish-crew. (And the germans) Awesome party! Disco Pogo! I’m gonna miss you all!

Cool Crew!

Me and Mr. Rocky. Awesome dude ;)

Yo y Jose. See u around somewhere someday amigo! :)

Saturday. I met Jose at the airport. Kinda cool. And then. I picked up Daniel. Daniel from Holland. He came all the way to Norway just for a few days, and for partying! Amazing! We met Robbie and some friends of him at Solsiden. Then we went for sightseeing Svartlamon, an alternative district and a result of  many years of political struggle. Now its an experimental arena for city ecology. In other words, a kinda cool place to hang around. Some intresting shops etc.

Coolest tree in Trondheim.

We dont like rats!

Robbie making a photo ;)

Me and Mr. Holland, and our very pale ale ;)

And then. Farewell party! We were some people at Frank’s, before I met the rest at Familien. It was a good good night! Hope to see you all again sometime!

Charlène, Linn and Daniel, the norwegian version.

Mr. Holland, me, Charlène and Marion!

Sunday. Familytime.

Bigsis' Jannicke, Emrik, Karina and bigbro' Tommy ;D


Martin :)

Mats :)

Daniel playing at Emriks nintendo. :P

Monday. It was such a nice day. Sunny and a bit warm. So I decided to take a walk and say goodbye to the city ;)


In the evening my girls had organized a goodbye evening. With cake. And games. And stories. Great!

Stina :)

Henny and Kjersti and Playstation.

Maria :)

Tuesday. Mother and daughter day.


Tomorrow is the day. Excited. And a bit nervous. Three months. Dont forget me ;) <3

15 days left. right.

Exiting times to come. But also goodbyes. This summer has consisted of many goodbyes. Every month, someone new has left the city. Or even worse. The country. I have two goodbyes left. Goodbye to Jose who goes back to Spain after some months here. And then a big farewell to everyone else. Before I leave myself. I think it will be hard. But hey. If I dont say goodbye. Its not possible to do what I wanna do. So its totally worth it. And when its hard to say goodbye it only means that they have a place in my heart. We will meet again. And I cant meet them again if I dont say goodbye. ‘Cause then i would never leave them. Hah.

Anyway. Im looking forward to the goodbye evening. Yea. I will have to say goodbye. But i also have to say hello! To who? Well. Daniel from Holland will come and party with us! Awesome, right?

Besides from this. I also have to say goodbye to my family. Thats not easy either. The difference between goodbye to friends and family are big. Friends says: Awesome Patsy! Do it! You’re gonna have the time of your life! Enjoy it, Im jealouse as! If I find time, I’ll come and visit you for sure! Family have one question: «Why?». And then they are very sceptical. To everything. I can understand that. But let me do it anyway. If its not working out. Let me learn by myself. I love you all, but I need to experience something complete different from what I’m used to. Maybe I will miss out on important things. Like birthdays, christmas, and children growing up, etc. etc. But sorry. I just have to be selfish and do it. Im coming back! You can come and visit me as well! :)

Goodbyes are not forever.
Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I’ll miss you
Until we meet again!

But hey. I still have 15 days left! 4 of them in Oslo. Yeaps. On thursday Im going to Oslo. I’ll be back on sunday. And then its the week of goodbyes. But not yet. Not yet. :D

18 days left

Downtown = awesome. And so are Morten, Helene and Tine. And Max Harry! Really. Max Harry? What kind of person (in Norway) calls their child Max Harry? (In Norway, Harry is a… uhm. Well.., its not a nice thing you call someone!)

Yesterday I was working to set up a stage. It took us 11 hours! Well. Other people already started on monday though. And its not 100% done before saturdaymorning. Which is now. But it was really fun! Hard work for sure. But funfunfun! I met many intresting people. 300 people working with different things. Mostly men. From Ireland. Or Germany. Or England. Well. Have you ever met irish people? They swear. They shout. They insult eachother. All. the. time. It was fun though. Sometimes I just had to stop working and listen up. I laughed pretty much during those hours. Anyway. Today my whole body is sore. Thousands of trucks came and delivered stuff. Big stuff. And I was one of them that had to push and carry this boxes and what so ever it was up to the stage. Thousands of trucks. I tell you. It never stopped! I also sat up fences around the area. And fixed the cables. The funniest (and easiest) work was when I co-operated with one german, one irish and two norwegian guys on hanging up big lights behind the scene! My work was to tape the wholes with black tape. Yay! We were really effective and a good team! Just a pity I feel the way I do, since Im gonna work after the concert today as well. 4 days setting up an stage. 6 hours to take it down. Excited! :D

nuevo mensaje de patsy

Strange how one person can convince you to do something.
I love my friends.
Espescially when you dont really know the person.
They are very important for me.
What I mean?
Every single one of them.
I mean exactly what I write.
Even if I dont meet them so often.
Persons I never have met.
Its different reasons for that.
Or persons I’ve just met for couple of hours.
Maybe they’ve moved.
These people are awesome people.
Or maybe they’ve got to busy with studies and work.
That’s why I still have contact with them.
Or maybe the’ve got a family.
They are people its easy to communicate with.
Or maybe its me.
And to be honest.
Its possible.
They all mean something for me.
The point is that I havent forgot them.
Someday our paths will cross again.
I chat with some of them.
Does a friend need to be someone you meet regularly?

I love you all! From my bestfriend living next door, to the friends living all over the world. From the friends I’ve met through school, red cross, work, and travels to the friends that just suddenly were there. You are very special, every single one of you.

And I’ve decided.. I’m gonna say yes. (Thanx to you, who convinced me.., you know who you are). (And no, Im not gonna get married.) ;)

Thanx everyone ;)

Thanx everyone ;)

Takk for pannekaker Karl Johan

Noen ganger. Møter man noen man absolutt ikke hadde regna med å møte på. Og noen ganger. Skjer ting man ikke hadde regna med skulle skje. Denne sommeren har vært full av slike opplevelser. Jeg tror. Jeg tror kanskje det er fordi jeg har begynt å si ja. Istedetfor å si kanskje eller enda værre, nei. Pågrunn av dette. Har jeg  møtt utrolig mange flotte mennesker denne sommeren. Ikke bare det. Enkelte har også vist seg å bli gode venner. Ganske herlig igrunn. Jeg vet det. Og som kjære TJ pleier å si: «digger’e». Jeg har også opplevd en hel del! Jeg har vært statist i en film. Jeg har lært meg å drikke Calimocho. Jeg har vært frivellig på 2 festivaler. Jeg har hatt herlige dager i Sykkylven. Jeg har havna både en gang og to ganger på nachspill hvor det kun var ukjente fjes. Begge nachspillene endte opp med en god historie. To forskjellige vel og merke. Det første nachspillet var det nachspillet hvor jeg mer eller mindre ble dyttet inn i en taxi med ukjente mennesker hvor ingen kjente hverandre. Vi havnet på Moholt på sommerens feteste nachspill med drikkeleker til sent neste morgen. Arrangørene, om jeg kan være så upersonlig å kalle dem det, har jeg møtt igjen flere ganger. Vi har fått minst et dusin fester bak oss, og jeg kommer virkelig til å savne dem når de forlater Trondheim etterhvert. Det andre nachspillet var med en gjeng Orkdalinger. For en gjeng med Orkdalinger. Det må ha vært kremen av kremen. Utrolig mye morsomt å se på, og jeg er sikker på at et enkelte naboer fikk noe morsomt å se på også.

Vel, nå har jeg på nytt fått et slikt valg. Skal jeg si ja. Eller skal jeg si nei. Jeg vet ikke. Jeg vil gjerne si ja, men dette er ikke et hvilket som helst spørsmål hvor man kan gi et svar iløpet av få sekunder. Ikke minutter heller. Dager…, kanskje. Helst uker. Men så god tid har jeg ikke. Jeg har en måned på meg, og dersom jeg velger å si ja, er det et par ting som må ordnes først. I tillegg vet jeg om et par som ikke blir så fornøyd dersom jeg sier ja. (Hey, Stina, du er en av dem!) Men for all del, det er ikke dem det handler om. Ikke la meg påvirke. Bah, er ikke så lett. (Hey, Stina, slapp av, du er ikke the main reason, jeg bare skrev det for å avlede litt oppmerksomhet. Smart, jeg vet.)

Over til noe helt annet. Monika Tufte, du er ei, unnskyld uttrykket, kjærring! Skjønner ikke hva du gjør i styret i et borettslag? Det er så utrolig smålig oppførsel. Et maleri.. som ei gammel dame er utrolig glad i…, og dere gir blanke faen? Hva i alle dager er grunnen til dette? Har dere i det hele tatt en god grunn? Skam dere! Jeg blir fryktelig provosert! Ååååh!

Litt bilder fra turen til og fra Sykkylven, også smiler vi igjen. :)

I know someone

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I’m happy.

Ok. I live with my mother. Not the coolest thing to do when your’e 22, but so far.. so good. Its ok. And I have the best matress ever. And its nice to be with Irre again. My blue birdiebird. Yea, I dont think these months will be so bad as I had assumed. Anyways…

I’m happy.

Even if I miss my friends from school. Absolutely fantastic people. Even if I miss living in Klæbuveien. Thanx for some awesome months. Even if… Even if… Well. I dont wanna be negative, so I leave the space open, its many reasons to not be happy. As always.

But Im staying positive. At least so far. Its stupid to be negative. I dislike to be it. So I try to avoid it. I’m happy as hell :D

I may not even have a good reason right now, but I dont need to. I just think happy thoughts and look forward to all the things that will happend the next months. And things that already have happend. Like the wedding I was at. It was beutiful, and it made me belive in love ;) Two people finding eachother, two people promising eachother to live togheter for the rest of their lives. I had a tear in my eye. Congratulations Christina and Svein-Arild <3


In 2 days, Im going to BBQ with good friends in Sykkylven.
In 17 days, Im going to Elisabeth and Bjørn’s wedding.
In 1 month and 14 days, Im going to Amsterdam and Münich.
In 5 months and some days, Im going to Australia!


norwegian gem

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(sorry, its on Norwegian again)

Åh, idag har vært en bra dag. Hvorfor? Derfor. Fordi bare! Da jeg våkna trodde jeg dagen skulle bli grusom. Jeg måtte nemlig pakke ned rommet mitt. Og vaske. Kjedelig. Og med bakrus i tillegg? Dette kom jo aldri til å gå bra. MEN…

satte jeg på Spotify på full guffe. Jeg. elsker. Spotify. Jeg ble happy med en gang! Lett som en plett!

spiste jeg litt mer av nachochipsene til Torstein. Det var godt.

begynte jeg og pakke. Full av nacho’s og høy på musikk. Lett som en lek!

kom mams. Vi pakket bilen full og kjørte avgårde. x2.

Så kom nedturen. Jeg var lei. Tingene var pakka bort og alt som gjensto nå var småtingene som var spredd rundt hele rommet pluss selve vaskinga. Jeg satte meg på MSN.

logga min kjære Alejandro på. Han stikker på middelhavscruise i 2 uker, sykt sjalu! Men vi prata, og det gjorde meg glad igjen! Alejandro (som egentlig heter Daniel), er awesome! Dessuten logget Job på også. Og Job var full. Fulle mennesker på tha interwebz er alltid like kult.

sto plutselig min helt, Morten i døra! Morten Morten liksom! Han hadde kommet for å piske meg til å jobbe, fordi søte Helene hadde sagt at jeg trengte et spark i baken. Morten var streng! (og når Morten er streng, er han KJEMPEstreng!) Jeg fikk altså ikke lengre lov til å sitte på internett lengre, han rev laptopen brutalt vekk fra meg og pekte på skrivepulten. «Sætt i gang!» sa han. Når jeg var ferdig med å rydde fikk jeg 2 minutter på dataen, før jeg måtte støvsuge og vaske. Kjipt tenkte jeg. Nå er du skikkelig kjip Morten! På et tidspunkt var det ikke gøy i det hele tatt, men Morten sto fortsatt på sitt. Bli ferdig! sa han. Så jeg gjorde meg ferdig. Og det føltes så godt! Morten er verdens kuleste, og nå lurer jeg på hvor mange ganger jeg har skrevet Morten. Morten Morten Morten. Takk til deg også Helene. Du er kjempesøt og vi skal rocke Australia sammen om bare 5 måneder!

skrev nydelige Kristine på facebookveggen min. Hun skrev nemlig: «you’ll always the best <3» That made my day! Jeg elsker Kvisas min.

kom dagens/kveldens/nattens største sjokk. Dag Morten, min drømmemann, sto plutselig i døra og var hjemme! Jeg går desverre litt rundt i halvørska, og vet ikke riktig hva som er rett og galt, så jeg ble litt overrumplet, og for å være ærlig, husker jeg ikke hva vi prata om i det hele tatt! Men jeg ble iallefall kjempeglad! Dagis har vært høyt savnet!

Nå er klokka 05.35, og jeg blir henta 08.00. Da skal jeg nemlig i bryllup til Christina og Svenn Arild! Hurra, de gifter seg! <3

(Igår var jeg på Moholtfest. Med et bønsj utvekslingsstudenter. De rocker gata. Vi rocka Downtown.)

language guerra and memories that never fades

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My norwegian friends complaine when Im writing stuff on crappy english. And my other friends complaine when I write stuff in norwegian. Please, let me write in what language I want, even if its crappy or not. I need to improve my english for Australia. Read, or dont read. Sometimes I write in english, sometimes in norwegian, and sometimes I have a shorter version at the end of the post on the other language.

Well, when that is said, the real blogpost.

One sheet and a pillowcase. A pair of gloves. The half of a flightticket. And heaps of good memories.

New place to live in october. Some awesome people. And me. Quiz one sunday in the month. Pillowwar everyday. The same with pokewar. Heaps of hugs. Hawaiiparty. A couch that got stuck in the stairs. It took us hours. But it was worth it. Fotballmatches. Sports on tv. Beer. Bettings. The northern light at the fortress. It was locked so we had to climb. Couchsurfers. Alot of BBQ’s. Climbing in ladder into someones room, just to find out they were not there. Funny pictures. Playing games in the kitchen. Cheese and potatomash. Nachspiel’s. Mustacheparty. Sushidinners. Skateboarding in the livingroom. Spanishlessons. Photoshop. Several massagesession, but one more important than the other. Turning the kitchen into a dancefloor. Rosenborg matches. Russecelebration. 17th of May, Norways nationalday. The last party. The very last party. The last drinkingday. The last party in the house. Goodbyes.

Thanks for some awesome months people!  Right now I’m packing my stuff. I’m moving out again, but I never regret that I moved in. You are all amazing! I will come back to the house on visit, for sure! And too you that have moved back home, hope to see you soon someday somewhere! Just because we are’nt in the same country does’nt mean we never will se eachother again! So, see yah all!


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Tenk deg det å våkne tidlig tidlig en morgen. Av at to venner banker på ruta di. De forteller at du skal ta et fly. Til en annen by. Slutt å tøyse sier du. «Jeg skal på jobb snart». Du fatter ikke helt hva de driver med. «Foreldrene dine vet om det!» sier dem. «Hæh?» svarer du. «Ja! Og sjefen din og!» Iløpet av de neste to timene har du fått pakket det viktigste, sagt hadet til foreldrene dine og sitter nå på et fly ut av byen. Wow.

Dette skjedde med Helene. Hun våknet i Mo i Rana, trodde hun skulle på jobb, men endte opp i Trondheim. Alt takket være Mortens kreativitet. Morten er super. Det er Helene også. Jeg, Tine, Line og Morten møtte opp på flyplassen da flyet hennes landa. Det var ganske koselig! Dette har vi visst om i flere uker, uten å kunne fortelle det til Helene. Godt jobba!

Det er herlig å bli overasket! Det er om mulig, enda mer herlig å overaske! Om et par dager er det noen andre som får gjennomgå. Kanskje er det deg? Mest sannsynlig ikke, men aldri si aldri! Tror det skal bli min nye hobby. Det er jo så gøy når de finner ut av det!

Surprise! Morten organised a surprise visit to Trondheim for Helene! She didnt knew anything about it until the same morning, when two friends of her woke her up and asked her to pack her stuff! Me, Line, Tine and Morten met her in the airport, and it was so fun! Its fun to be surprised, but its even more fun to surprise! Maybe you are next?