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Zitt Zatt? Zitt Zatt!

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I’ve met Kent and Steven, two friends from Tromsø, up north in Norway. It was fun. We drove all over Trondheim, and had a bowlingmatch! Guess who did’nt win!

I’ve been on the mountain! Yay! It was great! I climbed, did some hiking and enjoyed the sun. Sadly for me I slipped on a big rock, and got bruces all over my body. It hurts. But it was worth it.

From my little hiking-alone-trip down the mountain.

Me in front of a empty lake...

During the night it was a bit spooky. I like this picture.

I’ve had a german couchsurfer over! Matze! He picked me up on the airport and has been sleeping on my couch for 5 nights now. Good times! He left this morning, its very quiet here.

I’ve had a little party. With Matze, Charlène, Henny and Stina. And a nachspiel with Matze, Charlène and TJ. Nice!

I’ve been bicykling downtown with Matze and Charlène!

Matze and Charlie at Bakklandet.

I’ve been at a concert with Cue Decay. Cue Decay rocks!

I’ve been on Lade path. We discovered a big scary cave with tunnels inside the mountain! We went in one place, and out another! Freaky!

Picture taken from one of the endtunnels.

I’ve seen footballmatches, and learned new stuff about the players and the coaches! Haha.. Maradona is a previous drugaddict, but he have been «clean» for 6/7 years now! And he cares alot for his players. He is like a father to them ;) Yeah. I know it all.

I’ve heard one of my roomies from Españia talk español alot, and I tried to understand, but I didnt get one single word. Spanish guys are hot when they talk spanish! YEAP!

I’ve been singing Disco Pogo with Matze. AWESOME! First time Ive been singing it with someone that knows the whole song!

I have so many stupid annoying songs stuck on my brain! «Look at my horse, my horse is amazing. Give it a lick… MMM, it taste just like raisin!», «Narwhales, narwhales, swimming in the ocean, pretty white and pretty big…» and not to forget… «STUMPF IST TRUMPF!»

I’ve got introduced to a new song from TJ. It goes like this: «Meet the girls of Norway, they party like a rock star.. on repeat!» Damn you, its stuck on my brain as well!

Mushroom Mushroom.

Heaps of love – Patsy

Sushi sushi nam nam

Mennesker. Øl. Spenning.

Så starter det. Litt fram og tilbake. Fra røde til svarte. Fra svarte til røde. Spenninga stiger et lite hakk, men dabber fort av igjen. Mumling. Litt banning. Så igjen, fram og tilbake, tilbake og fram. Også der! MÅL! Hurrarop og klapping. Store brede glis og gledesbrøl.

Men desverre var jeg på den andre sida. Jeg satt bak gledesveggen. Jeg heia nemlig på Arsenal, og ja, det er fotball jeg snakker om.

Stillinga ble skarvelige 3-1 til Man. United, så jeg og Henning (som eneste Arsenalsupportere i gjengen) måtte gå svært så triste hjemover igjen. Men sånn egentlig var det ganske gøy likevel. Ikke ofte jeg sitter på en pub og ser på fotballkamp, men idag gjorde jeg det. Ikke så dumt.

Sushi er godt.