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Buzz Lightyear

Two people. Thanx to both. You know who your are. They dont know eachother. But both have been talking about «to feel«. They have teached me that I dont need to think all the time. To feel can be enough. If I just can seperate the thoughts and the feelings. Im working with it. And the feeling I have at the moment. Isnt the best feeling Ive had. But Im not sure if its 100% the feeling yet. It might be some thoughts there as well. As I said, Im working with it. I just hope Im wrong. Really.

But whatever. Writing this means Im thinking again, which is bad. So I’ll stop. Instead I can look forward. I have 8 days left in Norway. The time is running fast. Suddenly the day is here, and Im leaving! Strange. But wow, how cool! 3 amazing months in Holland are waiting, and then.. Melbourne FTW ;)

Btw – check out this amazing blog from New Jersey, USA. I would love to find one! USA next? ;)