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This post was written a week ago.

A week ago we went on a pubcrawl! We started at noon, and just kept on drinking. Ross, Scotts brother, had found an ancient map (or i dont know, but thats what he says anyway..), that would lead us to 24 different bars in Melbourne! Sounds exciting? Yes, it was! Take a look at the pictures! (That I stole from Rosses. Rosses? Ross’s. Ross’. That I stole from Scotts brothers facebook album)

Young and Jackson, bar #1

Transport, bar #2

Riverland, Bar #3

Beer Deluxe, bar #4

James Squire Brewhouse, bar #5

European Bier Cafe, bar #6

Bridie O'Reillys, bar #7

Cricketers Bar, bar #8

Imperial Hotel, bar #9

Mrs. Parmas, bar #10

Trunk, bar #11

Elephant and Wheelbarrow, bar #12

The Welcome Stranger, bar #13

The Carlton, bar #14

The Exford, bar #15

Three Degrees, bar #16 (forgot to take group photo!)

Melbourne Central Lion, bar #17

The Celtic Club, bar #18

Pugg Mahones, bar #19

Turf Bar, bar #20

The Irish Times, bar #21 (forgot to take group photo!)

Sherlock Holmes Tavern, bar #22

The Bull and Bear, bar #23

The Joint, bar #24


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