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12 apostles?

So it is christmas. <3

In Australia it is normal to put up the christmas tree in the beginning of December, so next weekend we will put it up. Already a bit late, but well well… Christmas spirit? No, I cant really say I can feel it. I just know it. I know it is christmas, but I surely cant feel it. I tried to improve the spirit a bit by making Scott a norwegian adventscalendar. And some other norwegian christmas stuff :P It is working a little bit, but the real christmas spirit is not like it use to be. What happened to first sunday of advent? Why doesnt people celebrate that here? And wheres that star those three men followed to visit Jesus in the barn? In Norway, you find that star in every window, and it is the most cozy thing ever. Dark outside. Big star in every window <3 Not that everyone is christian, but I mean. Christmas IS a christian celebration… :P Havent seen the crib either. And havent heard anyone talk about the christmas evangelium :P So yes, it is different, but I do like it. It is sunny and you can go to the beach! I love the beach, and if I could choose, I would probably live AT the beach every day. <3 The beeeaaach! <3

Oh, and guess what! Today we had a daytrip to the Twelve Apostles! 8 hours back and forth, 470 km, no worries at all. Pictures will come later :) It is very pretty! And yeah.. it is almost 31 degrees :) Cant complain about not having snow, because this is just awesome :) Now, Im gonna go down stairs and try to encourage people to go outside and play some footy! :D Australian footy!

See yah later mate ;)


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