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Today I got a sad message from Trondheim. The worlds smartest, cutest and most awesome budgie is no longer with us, but safe and happy in a dreamworld with all the other budgie angels. He is probably eating a loaf with loads of cream, mandarines and hirse :)

He was a good budgie. The best actually. I have so many fantastic memories with him, and I will miss him for ever and ever. Irre will always live with me in my heart though, and when I get back to Norway, Im gonna take my favourite picture of us and put it in a frame. <3

Some of my memories:
– The first day with Irre. When he wasnt the best flyer, and didnt know what walls was. So he kept crashing, and falling behind the couch. Poor little guy.
– When I had to chase him for hours because he didnt want to go back into his birdcage.
– That time when he flew straight into my brothers face, landed on his nose, and then took a big bite of his nosetip :)
– When he ate apples, and instead of actually eating them he just threw the applebites all over the floor.
– That happy twittring when he got budgie candy.
– Or that happy twittring every time I came home from school.
– How much he loved mandarines.
– All the pre-parties I had at my place, where Irre were a big part of it, and even tasted beer :)
– When we had wrapped candy on the table, and he could play with it for hours. He took one candy, tripped to the edge of the table and dropped it on the floor. His favourite game.
– His other favourite game. When we made stairs with our fingers and he had to climb it :)
– How cute he looked after taking a bath. Fluffy Irre :)
– The last time I spoke to him. Over skype actually. He looked healthy and happy :)

I would put in a picture of me and him, but all those pictures are in Norway, so the only one I have on my computer is this one:

Irregutt <3

Sov i ro Irregutten min. Du va den beste. Virkelig. Vi delt mange hemmeligheta og vi :) Takk for alt <3 Håpe du har det fint i undulat himmelen, og at du kose dæ med alle dine undulat vænna :) Gla i dæ sjø <3


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  1. <3 <3 <3 Åhhhhh,,,,ja Patricia,,,det va fine ord te "Irregutten" Ja han søv godt no. Klæm te dæ <3 <3 <3 Gla i dæ <3 <3 <3

  2. Aaaw <3 Love the fact that he actually tasted beer! Marte


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