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spider, spider on my wall. fuck of.

Oh, life. Life is just life wherever you are. It doesnt stop, or being held on pause. It keeps going on. And things happends. Around me, and not around me. Here in Melbourne, and back home in Trondheim. Some is happening because I made them happend. Other things are because of others. But it doesnt matter. Life happends, and I just realised that even if Im on the other side of the planet, this is life. Its not a magic world where the time has stopped. When I go back to Norway, things will have changed, some people may not be in my life anymore, but others will be there for ever. Life in Australia isnt any different. Its life, and it will always be life.

After that little memo, Ill tell you all about yesterday. It was magical. Every year, people here in Melbourne have a day off. Its public holiday. Why? Because of the races. The horse races. Yup. Pretty lame. But ohmahgosh how awesome!!! Absolutely everyone have the day of, and they all (at least almost all), go to the race! Dressed up in their most awesome suits and dresses. High heels and a tophat. Everyone look absolutely their best. I had the best day ever.

Champagne for breakfast <3

Brown cheese <3

Me and my very handsome man :)

The people :)


Run horsey, run!



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