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Its always sunny in Philadelphia

Today’s been a lovely day. I found a new route to get home from uni, so instead of taking the tram for 1hour one way, and then 30min the other way.. I took the tram 45mins, and got of one stop before Parliament Station! I did this because of the warm weather. I was tired of sitting on the tram, so I got of and walked a few minutes before I got to Parliament Station. From there I took the train for 15 minutes and bam! Home! Sweet!

Parliament station was confusing. Not because its so big and difficult. Its just 4 different platforms. But because of all the important people. They were RUNNING! Running everywhere! Mostly in one direction, and if you were in the middle, you have absolutely no other choice than follow the stream! If you stop, you’re dead.

… I managed to grab a newspaper before I got pushed towards the moving stairs (yeeeh.. I dont know what they’re called :P Rulletrapp ;) Wait.. is it esculator? I seriously dont know. Haha. But whatever.) And these stairs were steep! I remember in Prague where I got amazed over the steep stairs, but THESE stairs were just horrifying! And silly me managed to stand on the wrong side! Yes, I do know that standing is for the left side, and walking is for the right side (Hmm.. isnt it the other way around in europe?), but I was to concentrated on figuring out where I was going after the stairs, so 100 businessmen were stuck behind me, before I realized and changed side. They made a grumpy sound and RAN down. And when I finally managed to find the right platform, it was the wrong platform! I looked at the signs and went for what I thought was right, but it was people everywhere so somehow I ended up in the wrong one anyway! I walked sideways out again and got dragged in the stream towards the right one, and here I finally had time to read my paper. I started reading about australian bananas (they’re back in the market baby! Cheap!) It was people everywhere and I didnt concentrate on what the man with the megaphone said. Until he came towards me and pushed me back in the crowd! Apparantly I was standing to far against the edge, and that was a no-no! A little bit confused I managed to back up until I was against the wall, but just then everyone stepped forward! I was like wtf? Because what was too dangerous a couple of seconds ago, was now totally okay? Well, finally the tram came and everyone got on, I even got a nice standingspot right next to the door! (If I had gotten a seat, it would be a hell to get out of the tram again!) 15 minutes later I was almost home :) Just had to walk a few meters again and voilla! Here I am :)

Sounds stressful? Yeah. It was, but very fun too! So many people to study! Loved it! Definitely my new route when Im going home from uni :)


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