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My nose is cold

What I have done

– Send a message in a bottle (Ive sent lots of them! I even got a letter back once!)
– Win something (Ive totally won the the ugliest beanie ever.)
– Stay up all night (Its been a while since last time, but whats better than the midnight sun throughout the whole night?)
– Visit a castle (One of the amazing castle’s in Dublin!)
– Visit a farm (As a kid i loved spending time at the farms nearby our summer house)
– Camp out in the back yard (Again, as a kid! And also last year when we camped in the back yard of a gas station.)
– Live without your mobile phone for a week (Uhm. I lived 10 months without one.)
– Spend christmas in another country (Last years christmas were spent here in Australia, with the lovely Cody family!)
– Dye your hair in a crazy color (Oh, does mega blue count?)
– Get backstage and rock out with the crew (Totally done this. Thanks Too Far Gone and D.D.E.)
– Get arrested (Yeaaaah… if you didnt know already, you probably dont wanna know :P)
– See the Aurora Borealis (Its beautiful.)
– See kangaroos in the wild (Gotta love Australia!)
– See a koala in the wild (That was pretty rad!)
– See a platypus in the wild (That was even more rad!)
– See a wild eagle (flying up hiiiiigh)
Be friends with your ex (Not everyone are evil.)
– Milk a cow (Being a kid + hanging out on the local farm. Totally done this)
– Hug a waste sorter (As a kid, the waste sorter were my friends, and I hung out with them every tuesday after school. At 02.00pm exactly)
– Buy a one way ticket (Amsterdam baby!)
– Be as happy as you can be. (When I finally met Scott I had the best feeling ever. I think it was the ultimate happiness.)

What I want to do

– Keep a dream diary (Just need a cute notebook first.)
– Learn how to make origami
– Hold a snake
– Paint a picture good enough to hang on the wall
– Act in a play (well I have, but as a kid (under 20) doesnt count)
– Learn how to play an instrument (I kinda done this too, but since Ive forgot it doesnt count!)
– Climb to the top of a mountain (I never climbed Lovund!!)
– Build the ultimate sandcastle
Take part in a TV show
– Research your family tree (I’ve done some, but not as much as it counts)
– Write a story and get it published (Totally going to write a kids book at some point)
– Be vegetarian for a week
– Decide what you want to be when you grow up
– Swim with sharks
– Swim with dolphins
– Swim with tropical fishes
– Realize my childhood dream (working as a volunteer with wild animals in africa)
– Ride the worlds biggest roller coasters
– Get up in a hot air balloon
– See an erupting volcano
– Sky dive
– Stay in the best suite in a five star accommodation
– See an elephant in the wild
– See a wild lion
– See a wild monkey
– See a wild crocodile
– See a wild polar bear
– Scuba dive
– Get a tattoo (Soon baby, soon…)
– Hitchhike with a good friend


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