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My birthday in pictures

Birthday dinner with Scott, Ross and their lovely parents!

African food that we had to eat with our hands! :D

I even got a present from Scotties parents! :)

I woke up the next morning when my boyfriend came into our room singing the birthday song and giving me presents in the bed :) I got an amazing photobook with pictures from all the adventures we already bee on, and also a lot of Victoria Secret underwear! So amazing :)

When we went downstairs for chocochip banana pancakes for breakfast, I got another present! :D MY OWN BEER BREWERY SET!!! WITH LABELS! "Little Vikings"!!!

Then we took train and bus for about three hours.... until...

we got to THIS place! :D


There I met Eric the Viking!

Then. We had to wait for the taxi to take us home. We waited one hour out in the pouring rain. We even had to cancel the birthday dinner, because we couldnt make it to the time it was booked. We ate at Maccas instead :) (McDonalds for you Norwegians :P or.. Mækkern)

Will picked us up in the city, and when I opened the door to our home, it was filled with awesome people that shouted: SURPRISE! :D

It was a Viking Theme party!

Scott had even bougth us Thor costumes! I was Thor girl! YEAH! (Tor med hammeren!)

Most. Awesome. Cake. Ever.


And i got presents again! :D Love you guys! Thanx! :D

And then we got drunk and had viking fights.

I had the best birthday ever :) And on wednesday we are going out for my final birthday dinner :) If I thought last years birthday were amazing, well.. this one topped it! <3

Blogges, bloggen!!11


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Takk for at du leser bloggen min, du fremmede fugl! Eller kanskje er du ikke saa fremmed likevel. Uansett, legg igjen en kommentar da :)

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  1. <3 Åhhhh,,,Patricia,,,,det var litt av en fødselsdagsfeiring du fikk <3 Snille foreldrene til Scott,,,å selfølgelig Scott å alle vennene som overaska deg med Vikingparty <3 Så artig,,,å for en opplevelse på den Afrikanske restaurangen <3 Så fint at æ kan oppleve det du oppleve,når æ kan lese bloggen din å se bildan dine <3 Kos dæ videre Patricia <3 Klæmz fra mams <3


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