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Time for a new blog post. (And this time its on english again! Damn, whats wrong with me? I mean.. some days I even THINK on english! I guess I should start (after 1 year) saying «I have two homes. One in Norway, where I talk and think in norwegian, and one in Australia, where i talk (and think) in Australian english». Thats what Scott tells me to think. So from now on.. I will. Woah. Easy.)
Ah yeah.. anyway. Whats going on down under?

A lot. And not so much. I havent been partying for a very long time actually. But however, Im drinking more beer and wine than I ever have done before! A bottle of wine and some cheese a late tuesday night? Yeah, why not? A beer with the movie? Sure! Or even better, a beer or two while Im writing on my blog? I wish I could show you guys where Im sitting right now. (I guess its possible, but I cant be bothered taking pictures and upload them…) But Im sitting upstairs. In a new room. A pretty awesome room would I say. With its own balcony. (Kinda. Its a bit old and rotten, and Scott have forbidden me to put up a hammock in case the whole thing will fall apart. But its useable. I can sit out there on a old rotten chair and read my book. While Im enjoying a beer. And thats pretty rad. Woah, Im using word I dont even know the meaning of. I guess its my inner Aussie that strikes. WOAH! There it happened again!)

Anyway. Stop the crap, and get to the point! Me and Scottie have switched room with awesome Will, so we have the big room with balcony, and Will have Scotts old room + another room that earlier was empty. Its cool, and I think everyone is happy.

But that wasnt actually what I was supposed to write about. I wanted to tell the world that Im banned from the livingroom. Why you ask? Because Scott, Tom, Ross and Max, gutta boys (yeah, did you see what I did there? Mixed in some norwegian slang, THATS pretty pro!) are playing GOW3! GOW3?? Gears of War 3 ofcourse. Apparently the most awesome game in the history. They have even set up two TV’s, so they are playing on two screens! Laaaame. (Nah, its actually a bit cool. But yeah, Im banned from the room, so what can I say..?) I can still hear them though. Very well actually. Right now Scott is saying: «Come on Tom!», and at the same moment Ross said: «Over your head Max!» And moments later they all yelled: «Ååååååh!» (Or without that awesome letter it would be something like: Aaaaaw!» But that sounds gay, so I prefer the awesome letter type instead! «Ååååååh!»)

I cant not notice that our new room is very Norwegian though. Im not talking about mooses in the corner, moods of Norway clothes in the drawers (togheter with beanies, scarfs and mittens) and Fårikål on a plate, but Im talking about Norwegian as in the Norwegian flag. I can count 8 different ones actually. Homesick? Nah, not a bit. (Yeah, a lot). I have one normal flag that you can wave with when walking in the 17th of May parade. I have one pack of small flags that some people use to put on their christmas trees. I have one small flag that I sent scott in the mail before I moved here. I have one flag printed on a shotglas. I have two flags on two different books about Norway, and there is also a flag glued on the cover of a norwegian dictionary I gave to Scott for his birthday. The most impressive flag is probably the big ass flag that is I-dont-know-how-big-but-its-ridicolouse-big-probably-aroun-2metres-something», that Scott stole *kremt* last 17th of May celebration. We also have a russehat thats hanging on the wall, so yeah. Its pretty norwegian. A bit to much actually. Ehhh.. Maybe I should take down the big flag.

Heard from downstairs: Tom: «Im dyyyyyyyyyyyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!» Ross: «Dont worry! I got you! Im coming! Dont worry!» Boom, Bang, Klask, Vrinsk, Klaseklår og klaskestøvvel. Æ ska hopp æ ska spring, æ ska tralalala, vinn en støvel! Støvel! STØØØØVEEEEEL! Drink a double.


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