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Jeg skriver paa engelsk fordi jeg sitter paa en australsk datamaskin som mangler ae, oe og aa. Blir enklere paa engelsk da.

Anyway. I’ve promised pictures! Pictures from Great Ocean Road and pictures from Perth!

Great Ocean Road:

My first sight of the Great Ocean Road. :)

Me and Scott :)

From one of the many waterfalls along the Great Ocean Road. We had to walk for about 30 minutes in the bush to get to this one.

And then we drove like maniacs to get to the Twelve Apostels before the sun went down.

It was beautiful, unfortunlately my camera isnt good enough to show it. Do you recognise these rocks?

12 Apostles at night.

Maybe you recognise it better if you take a look at this link:

Platypus Tours in the middle of the rainforest! AWESOME!

Scott is ready! :D

Scott is ready! :D

It was magical! Quiet, a little bit rainy and platypuses everywhere!


http://www/ Not sure what a platypus is? Check out this link.


And then we took a stroll among the treetops.

And went zip-lining from tree to tree.

Down on the ground we met some Dinosaurs.

Fun times. :P

Scott is hunting.

And I get hunted.

The rainforest bushy thingy is very pretty :)

In the middle of no-man-land we found this. ooooh

Big tree! :D

Watch out for koalas! <3



The "little" city called Perth.




Nom nom nom. "Lets go to Perth without spending money on awesome food!" "Ok." In Perth: "Look! That restaurant looks awesome! Ah, I really want that steak! And the people that are working there are dressed like pirates! Lets go!!!" "Deal!"

My opponents in TableTennis! Will "English" and Scott "Bubbles"!

In the streets of pretty Fremantle!


We had lunch near the water! It was awesome times 10!

I finally got the chance to see Wicked! :D (The Broadway Musical!)

Outside the hostel we stayed at :)

Picture taken from the Bell Tower!

I managed to fell down from a tree and hurt my foot! So at the airport I was in a wheelchair and Scott bought me a cute card :D



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  1. Åhhh,,,,så mange fine bilda <Patricia <3 Gla i dæ <3

  2. :D Så flink du e te å ta bilda når du e på tur :P Bra jobba, så skikkelig koslig ut :)


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