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Back at University with my PINK book

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Things that are different on the other side of the planet.

– the doctors at hospitals wear suits at work.
– almost every man have a manbag.
– on public transport 9 out of 10 are either reading a book or playing with their iPhone.
– they eat hot dog with white loaf.
– everyone eat olives as it was candy.
– when someone ask how it is going, they dont really want an honest answer.
– you dont give away your front-seat space in the car, you take it yourself.
– dinner time is after 18.00.
– people are more friendly, but also more harsh and cross.
– public transport is scary because of two reasons.
a) you always find so called «bogans» and other drunkies and weird people on the same transport as you.
b) they drive like maniacs.
– everyone seems to be interested in culture. More or less. At least more here than in Trondheim.
– going out fro brekky, lunch, dinner or drinks happens at least once a week.
– people say sorry for everything.
– at australian football games, everyone sits togheter. They’re not split up after wich team they go for.
– no-one fights at australian football games. Not even after a big loss.
– people are more open. Wich means that some people get more bitchy, but also that other people get more friendly.
– no-one drinks coffee without milk and crap in it.
– kids dont play outdoor. Just when they’re at school.
– people dont move for you on the street. You have to be the one that moves for them. All the time.
– if you want to do something, do it. They have everything here. No need to plan it. Just do it. Right now!
– you dont necesarily need to take of your shoes when your home. Especially if your at friends homes. Keep your shoes on.
– they dont have a little hall for all their jackets and shoes. I think they keep it in the closet with the rest of their clothes.
– people start Uni when they are 17. Which is a bit annoying. Grow up.
– kids wear schooluniforms! So cute!
– you dont walk here. You drive. Get driven. Or take public transport.
– they dont know what picking berries means. (Okey they do, but de aner ikke hva som følger med.. blåbærmunner, tur i skogen, flekkete klær og lukten av deilig deilig skog)
– they dont know what it means to have sausage on termos. (I dont know what termos is on english, and I cant be bothered google it.)
– they dont «walk on trips in the forest» (lol) with their schoolclasses.
– which means most of them never have made up a fire.
– they dont spikk when they are young. (can be bothered using google translate.)
(Ah, a lot of they dont they dont they dont. Okey.. GOOD stuff..)
– they have cute kids in school uniforms?
– they are very culture interested?
– they live in the same country as koalas and kangaroos are from?

Yeeeah. Dont misunderstand, I like it. Its different. So similar. But so different. On the «outside» its similar, but all the little details are very different. Its intresting, and Im very happy I get the chance to experience it all! To be honest, I love this country. You have a couple of stages.. 1st: You love it. 2nd: You think its different, and you like it but like your own country better. 3rd. You start understand everything, and the lovebar rises. 4th. You love it again. I think Im on number three.

So yes. Its different, but so are a greek salad and a chockolate mousse! It doesnt mean you cant love both!

Anyway, this is one of my lecturers:

One fo my lecturers at Uni.

Reminds you a lot of this guy, right?

Mr. Burns from Simpsons.


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