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Chupa chups lollipops! 5 for 1 AUD!!!

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Note to myself: My boyfriend reads my blog. And if I write in Norwegian he will use Google translate. So next time im gonna write about kjaerestebursdagsgaver, keep this in mind.

Anyway. If Tiger hadnt stopped flying…, me and Scott would just got home from a weekend in Cairns. We would have had awesome stories about parachuting, and great barrier reaf, and we would maybe have a little tan. (Isn’t it summer all year round in Cairns?) But this didn’t happen. Tiger cancelled all their flights, so instead of going to Cairns and jump out of a plain. We took a roadtrip to Great Ocean Road. It was amazing, stunning, fabulous and really really cool. Ill come up with some pictures later, I just need to transfer them to the computer first.

But what pisses me of. Is hotels, motels, backpackers and all sort of accommodation that gives people a false expectation of what they really would get by staying there. We stayed at Motel Marengo in Appollo Bay. And yeah, it was ok. We had a big and clean bed, our own bathroom, and a fridge to put our beer in. But where was that inviting hammock we could relax in while feeding parrots and swimming in the pool? And why did the pool look like a pound of dirty water? And room service? I don’t want a plate of grose microwaved spaghetti. But hey, whatever. We just slept there anyway. Ill come back with more fun interesting and breathtaking information from this trip later. In next blog post.

Over to the footy. Bombers is really fighting their way back, but can they climb up enough to be in the final in 7 weeks? After weeks of loosing because of silly reasons, we finally beat Geelong that at the moment was on the top of the ladder. The week after we proudly beat Richmond, and last week we took down Adelaide after two quarters that seemed a bit scary. At the moment we are number 7 on the ladder, but what will happen this week..? Essendon vs Carlton! Im excited, but I believe in our boys, they’ll be fine! See the bombers fly up up… :)


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