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Postgirobygget, Alexander Rybak m.m.

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Happy constitution day Norway :) ah, well, maybe it was yesterday already.. Hope you all norwegians and Norway friends had a good day :) Me, myself, was celebrating with a three course dinner, open bar, approximately 100 other norwegians (and some aussies), and a lot of norwegian songs! It was really fun, and I think Scott had a great tome as well :) with his red russehat and some few norwegian words he knows :p BÅNSKI!! Pictures will come later :)

I have also finally moves by myself :) or.., I still live with other people, but not Scott. (weird). I currently live in a awesome house with three other Aussie girls :) it takes me about 40 minutes to get to uni, which is a big improvement from 2 hours! Yay :)

And beside all that.. I miss you all. :) you are all welcome to the land down under :)


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