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I still caaaaall Norwaaay hooomeeee….

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On monday, I move closer to uni! Its sad and scary, because Im used to live with Scott and to see him every day, which is great! :) But its also cool and exciting, because I finally get my own room and get to decorate it just the way I want to! And.. I dont need to be on the tram for 2 hours to get to uni! Ill just grab my new bike and within 25 minutes, Ill be at LaTrobe! :) And Im sure Ill still will hang out  a lot with Scott! So no worries :) The house is really really nice, and the girls seems cool! Im sharing the house with three Aussie girls, but I kinda have my own bathroom. So on friday, me and Scottie are going to IKEA (Thank you Sweden)! I want a big bed! And a big wardrobe! And a cool desk and a comfy chair :) Waka waka!

Pst: I dont like watching Doctor Who alone.


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