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Well, we have all heard the expression ‘facerape’. When you have forgot to log of your facebookaccount, and your good friends writes a status on your profile, that seems a bit odd, strange, weird and grose.

A couple of days ago, my blog got exposed from a so-called blogrape. My dear boyfriend wrote that I love poo. And posted it. This is false rumors, and I deeply apologize for this unmature action. I will do everything I can to ensure this will never happend again.



Easter 2011 was amazing! Me, Scott, Elise and some other cool people hired a big spacious house down the beach at Ocean Grove. We had a wonderful time with champagne, good food, beers, boardgames, ping pongs and swimming in the ocean! It was sooo delightful! Haha. But. What also happend…, was that Scott found a hairdying at the mall called ‘Nordic Blond’. So… now my hair is.. ‘Nordic Blond’. Well. Its more orange than blond. Failure. It looks funny, and funny is cool, so its okey. Yeah. Next project : BLUE hair. Stay tuned.

Dying my hair....

Easter dinner :)

Nat and Lilian :)

Luke and Scott doing shots!

Luke, Nat, Lilian, Angela, Elise, Talin, Patsy and Scott!

God paaske! (Som kanskje e ferdig hjem i Norge...)


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