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I started my sunday by being drunk in Mellbourne City with the other norwegians, Mia, Tone, Elise and Kristian. We was at this bar/nightclub called The Deck, drinking beer and taking shots while playing the drinking game ‘Never have I ever’. We talked to the bartenders, cheered with bubbly wine, took silly pictures and laughed a lot. When the evening was about to end, I messaged Scottie, and as sweet as he is, he came and picked me up. He truly is the best. I was babling about random drunk stuff all the way back home, and falled asleep as a baby when I finally managed to crawl under the blankets. Next day I was in bed almost the whoooole day. Scott was at work, I had the laptop and a bottle of water by my bed, and I felt shitty. Hangover is sooo boring, so I used the time to sleep. Yay! I woke up by Scottie coming into the room jumping in the bed. He wanted to go and see Essendon play against St.Kilda, but since I still felt a bit hangover, we just went to the pub Doutta Galla. There we drank some pots of Carlton Draught, ate a bowl of chips, watched the footy on the big screen and thought back on the first time we were sitting there togheter. It seems so long ago, but its just 3 months. Essedon won the game, and me and Scott went to the supermarket. We wanted some snacks. So snacks we bought. Cookie dough and pringles! When we got back home again, we ate half of the cookie dough before we actually turned them into cookies in the oven. YUMMY. Then we watched Star Wars, ate pringles and the newbaked cookies! Yummy!!! After this we both felt sleepy, so we went to bed. But instead of going to sleep at once, we played Scrabble in bed! Which was awesome, and I almost didnt loose! Scott won by 50 points, which I think is pretty good, seeing that he used silly words such as doo and zen and quo. Easter weekend can come, Im ready for playing scrabble!


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