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Yes to school uniform at Norwegian schools!

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I still think its surrealstic (Scott TAUGHT me that realistic isnt a word, and the same with teached.), anyway.

I still think its surrealistic that Im here in Australia. Im on the fu**ing other side of the planet! Shitt. I cant think too much about it tough. It makes me freak out and then I get problems breathing. Really. And that nobody around me would understand me if I spoke the language thats easiest for me to speak. That. Is scary. And… since Tine decided that she didnt want to come with us to Australia, and Morten and Helene decided to just come for 2 months and then leave, and TJ just decided to go back home, Im all aloooone! Shitt. Its so scary. Luckily I’ve got Scottie. <3

University is going good. I think. I havent handed in any assignments yet, so I have no clue how that will go. First one is next week. Excited. I have uni on mondays, tuesdays and fridays, which gives me wednesday and thursday of. Excellent!

Foundations of Management – The subject with the best lector, so even if the subject in first place are really boring, he makes it intresting and I kinda like it.
Travel and Tourisme Operations – Absolutely the most likeablye subject. Its very practical, and instead of sitting inside a classroom, we go on fieldtrips and have groupassignments etc.
Introduction to Tourisme and Hospitality Studies – If we forget the fact that I dislike the lecturer in this subject, I guess its okey. I like the assignments, but I never know what kind of mood the lecturer is in. Scary.
Marketing; Planned, Defined and Delivered – This subject could have been so much more intresting with a better lecturer. But unfortenlately, she makes it extremely boring. She is from Finland though. Plus for that.


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  1. Yvonne Nylander

    <3 pia mi <3 æ e stolt av dæ <3 Gla i dæ <3 savne dæ <3 klæm fra mams <3

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