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I <3 Melbourne.

And spending almost 2 hours on train to get to University isnt so bad when you have to drive through a charismatic city like this.

You have Jacobs butcher, Tanyas brideshop, Sunnys bakery and BENS DRIVE IN BOTTLESHOP! You have Mings Sushi and Noodles, Petes Cars, Mikes guitars and THE FRIENDSHIP TREE SHOP! You have Thors Records, Finnigans Curtains, Marios Pizza and LUNAS LEGAL WITCH SHOP! You have The Earth Friends Shop, Chungs Wok, Robs Bikerepairs and MAYAS CUPCAKES! You have Eilas Crusty Chicken, Toms Second Hand Shop, Johns Funerals and THE HAPPY HERBS SHOP!

And the list goes on. I really dont mind sit on the tram when I can spend my time staring out the window on all the strange, fun, cozy and small private shops Melbourne have to offer. Its just… Nice. Ecspecially when I have music on my ear an the sun is shining and making everything goldish.

And yeah. Grafitti. Melbourne is the perfect place for grafitti. Its so amazing to sit on the tram (yeap, you see everything from the tram!), drive past heaps of small little allys, and spot the different grafitti that the ally is painted with. Yesterday, I met a guy on the tram. He told me he had moved from England, to Melbourne just to express himself for free in the many allys Melbourne have. Its so cool. And if you know think that Melbourne is covered with taggings everywhere, you are very wrong. 1. Tagging and grafitti is two different things. 2. And also, the grafitti is just to be found in this little allys Im talking about. And its not strange, it totally belongs there. And I love it.
I <3 Melbourne!


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