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Dachsy the Puppy and Nicks penis.

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Red and black. 19 degrees. Red and black versus white. People with chips and beer around us. Some flags here and there. Maybe a scarf. I had a red and black t-shirt. So had Scott. We were cheering for Essendon. Also called the Bombers. The oval ball was in the air. People clapping their hands. «Go Bombers!’  Woha! Goal during the first minute! «YAAAAAY» We drank a beer. Ate some chips. Essendon was leading. We drank some more beer, and cheered a bit more. At one point the captain on the other team was on our halfpart of the field. Scott used the opportunity. (If your not Australian, or not familiar with Australian football news – read this: ) «We can see your peeeenis Nick!» People turned around. People laughed. Take that St. Kilda. And then. I found a likeable guy. Brett Stenton. Number 5. (age: 24) (Rating: awesome). «Go Brett! Tackle him Brett! Take the ball Brett! Get up Brett! Run Brett! Get it Brett! Score Brett! YAAAY BRETT» (Okey, he didnt score, that was a lie. BUT, he DID have the ball oftest. Desposals. Thats the word Scott used.) Essendon was still leading, and it was very clear that we would win. If the other team didnt get a miracle. (They didnt). The final score was 84 – 45 against St. Kilda. Oh Yes. We pissed on them. Go Brett, Buu Nick. My very first Australian football match was over.

The day after, me and Scott was at Highpoint Shoppingmall. We passed a teddybearshop. No.., wait. Its not a teddybearshop. Its.. a place.. a MAGIC place! Where the teddybears get BORN! For real! We went inside and I looked around. In the first section, you could choose the look of you teddybear. Like.. The skin. And then, you went on to the noisemachine. Here you could choose which noise your teddy could get. (Or you could skip it). Next was the stuffingmachine! You stepped on a pedal and decided if you wanted your teddy soft, middle or hard. And yeah. You could make a wish, pick a little heart and put the heart inside the teddy with the stuffing! And then you also could choose outfit if you wanted. And then. Make a birthattest! And WOHA! A new teddy is born! HOW AWESOME! Coolest idea ever!

Meet Dachsy! The cutest puppy ever! She is very playful and nice :)


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Takk for at du leser bloggen min, du fremmede fugl! Eller kanskje er du ikke saa fremmed likevel. Uansett, legg igjen en kommentar da :)

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  1. Yvonne Nylander

    Åhh,,,for en søt bamsehund,,,så artig at du har laga den sjøl,,,ja my som e annerledes der nede i forhold te her hjemme,,,i vårt lille trygge «molbo» land,,,som uansett er godt å bo i ))) Takk for at du deler dine opplevelser slik at jeg kan ta litt del i det du opplever der i ditt vakre Melbourne.
    Gla i dæ å savne dæ…
    Klæm fra mams )))


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