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Go Turty! – Abra used teleport.

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When you take the tram. Or the bus. How many people around you is reading? Im sure you can count them on one hand. If you are lucky. Thats Norway.
When I take the tram to my Uni here in Melbourne. I always bring my book (Did you see me play Pokemon on the tram once? What? Noway. Never happend. I dont bring the Nintendo DS. I told you. I bring my book!) Anywaaaay.. Im so amuzed over the culturality. (lol. Thats not a word, right? Well, whatever. You get it.) On the tram, 3 of 4 are reading their book. It doesnt matter if they dont have a seat to sit on. The book is gonna be read anyway.

Not only are people bookreading here. They are also concertgoing. (Yes. I like to invent new words. Im a word entrepreuner. Or something.) Its something happening all the time. Every weekend. At least it seems like it. Back in Trondheim when we hear about something going on, we doubt. Should we go? Is it worth it? Do we wanna spend money on it? Here its not doubt. At all. Of course you are going! Everyone are! If its a music festival.. Or a food festival. Or a comic festival. Or… Something else festival.

And cinemas! They have over 30 cinemas here! Whaaat? Yes, I know its a big city.. but.. 30?? Thats alot. Yes. Yes it is.

Next festival is Future Music Festival. And Comedy Festival. I think Im going to both.


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