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Yes to school uniform at Norwegian schools!

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I still think its surrealstic (Scott TAUGHT me that realistic isnt a word, and the same with teached.), anyway.

I still think its surrealistic that Im here in Australia. Im on the fu**ing other side of the planet! Shitt. I cant think too much about it tough. It makes me freak out and then I get problems breathing. Really. And that nobody around me would understand me if I spoke the language thats easiest for me to speak. That. Is scary. And… since Tine decided that she didnt want to come with us to Australia, and Morten and Helene decided to just come for 2 months and then leave, and TJ just decided to go back home, Im all aloooone! Shitt. Its so scary. Luckily I’ve got Scottie. <3

University is going good. I think. I havent handed in any assignments yet, so I have no clue how that will go. First one is next week. Excited. I have uni on mondays, tuesdays and fridays, which gives me wednesday and thursday of. Excellent!

Foundations of Management – The subject with the best lector, so even if the subject in first place are really boring, he makes it intresting and I kinda like it.
Travel and Tourisme Operations – Absolutely the most likeablye subject. Its very practical, and instead of sitting inside a classroom, we go on fieldtrips and have groupassignments etc.
Introduction to Tourisme and Hospitality Studies – If we forget the fact that I dislike the lecturer in this subject, I guess its okey. I like the assignments, but I never know what kind of mood the lecturer is in. Scary.
Marketing; Planned, Defined and Delivered – This subject could have been so much more intresting with a better lecturer. But unfortenlately, she makes it extremely boring. She is from Finland though. Plus for that.


Sweetpotato Superfries

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I <3 Melbourne.

And spending almost 2 hours on train to get to University isnt so bad when you have to drive through a charismatic city like this.

You have Jacobs butcher, Tanyas brideshop, Sunnys bakery and BENS DRIVE IN BOTTLESHOP! You have Mings Sushi and Noodles, Petes Cars, Mikes guitars and THE FRIENDSHIP TREE SHOP! You have Thors Records, Finnigans Curtains, Marios Pizza and LUNAS LEGAL WITCH SHOP! You have The Earth Friends Shop, Chungs Wok, Robs Bikerepairs and MAYAS CUPCAKES! You have Eilas Crusty Chicken, Toms Second Hand Shop, Johns Funerals and THE HAPPY HERBS SHOP!

And the list goes on. I really dont mind sit on the tram when I can spend my time staring out the window on all the strange, fun, cozy and small private shops Melbourne have to offer. Its just… Nice. Ecspecially when I have music on my ear an the sun is shining and making everything goldish.

And yeah. Grafitti. Melbourne is the perfect place for grafitti. Its so amazing to sit on the tram (yeap, you see everything from the tram!), drive past heaps of small little allys, and spot the different grafitti that the ally is painted with. Yesterday, I met a guy on the tram. He told me he had moved from England, to Melbourne just to express himself for free in the many allys Melbourne have. Its so cool. And if you know think that Melbourne is covered with taggings everywhere, you are very wrong. 1. Tagging and grafitti is two different things. 2. And also, the grafitti is just to be found in this little allys Im talking about. And its not strange, it totally belongs there. And I love it.
I <3 Melbourne!

Dachsy the Puppy and Nicks penis.

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Red and black. 19 degrees. Red and black versus white. People with chips and beer around us. Some flags here and there. Maybe a scarf. I had a red and black t-shirt. So had Scott. We were cheering for Essendon. Also called the Bombers. The oval ball was in the air. People clapping their hands. «Go Bombers!’  Woha! Goal during the first minute! «YAAAAAY» We drank a beer. Ate some chips. Essendon was leading. We drank some more beer, and cheered a bit more. At one point the captain on the other team was on our halfpart of the field. Scott used the opportunity. (If your not Australian, or not familiar with Australian football news – read this: ) «We can see your peeeenis Nick!» People turned around. People laughed. Take that St. Kilda. And then. I found a likeable guy. Brett Stenton. Number 5. (age: 24) (Rating: awesome). «Go Brett! Tackle him Brett! Take the ball Brett! Get up Brett! Run Brett! Get it Brett! Score Brett! YAAAY BRETT» (Okey, he didnt score, that was a lie. BUT, he DID have the ball oftest. Desposals. Thats the word Scott used.) Essendon was still leading, and it was very clear that we would win. If the other team didnt get a miracle. (They didnt). The final score was 84 – 45 against St. Kilda. Oh Yes. We pissed on them. Go Brett, Buu Nick. My very first Australian football match was over.

The day after, me and Scott was at Highpoint Shoppingmall. We passed a teddybearshop. No.., wait. Its not a teddybearshop. Its.. a place.. a MAGIC place! Where the teddybears get BORN! For real! We went inside and I looked around. In the first section, you could choose the look of you teddybear. Like.. The skin. And then, you went on to the noisemachine. Here you could choose which noise your teddy could get. (Or you could skip it). Next was the stuffingmachine! You stepped on a pedal and decided if you wanted your teddy soft, middle or hard. And yeah. You could make a wish, pick a little heart and put the heart inside the teddy with the stuffing! And then you also could choose outfit if you wanted. And then. Make a birthattest! And WOHA! A new teddy is born! HOW AWESOME! Coolest idea ever!

Meet Dachsy! The cutest puppy ever! She is very playful and nice :)

Go Turty! – Abra used teleport.

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When you take the tram. Or the bus. How many people around you is reading? Im sure you can count them on one hand. If you are lucky. Thats Norway.
When I take the tram to my Uni here in Melbourne. I always bring my book (Did you see me play Pokemon on the tram once? What? Noway. Never happend. I dont bring the Nintendo DS. I told you. I bring my book!) Anywaaaay.. Im so amuzed over the culturality. (lol. Thats not a word, right? Well, whatever. You get it.) On the tram, 3 of 4 are reading their book. It doesnt matter if they dont have a seat to sit on. The book is gonna be read anyway.

Not only are people bookreading here. They are also concertgoing. (Yes. I like to invent new words. Im a word entrepreuner. Or something.) Its something happening all the time. Every weekend. At least it seems like it. Back in Trondheim when we hear about something going on, we doubt. Should we go? Is it worth it? Do we wanna spend money on it? Here its not doubt. At all. Of course you are going! Everyone are! If its a music festival.. Or a food festival. Or a comic festival. Or… Something else festival.

And cinemas! They have over 30 cinemas here! Whaaat? Yes, I know its a big city.. but.. 30?? Thats alot. Yes. Yes it is.

Next festival is Future Music Festival. And Comedy Festival. I think Im going to both.