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DehLa Love LaTrobe

First day at Uni is over. It was totally awesome! I can wait until I can start my first assignment! It sounds both fun and intresting, I just hope I wont have any problems with the language! The first assignment is to make a daytour to one of Melbourne’s suburbs for tourists, and then we’re gonna have a 25 minutes presentation for the rest of the class. Its a groupassignment, I just hope I’ll get a cool group :P

Thats right, I can be nice and say that everyone in this class seems cool, but that would be a lie. But hey, I dont mind some weirdos in the class. It’ll make a good laugh :) JUST LIKE LAST YEAR! YEAH! («Herreguuuud, sjekke Tangerudbakken 2 daaa! Barnehageonga ass!» or… «Om du kanskje hadd oppfort dae litt, saa hadd ae aapna doera t dae med en gang….» Haha, some people never grow up, but again, it will just make a good laugh:)) Im excited to get to know the class better, I think I will have a blast :) Half of them are International students, the rest from Melbourne. Nice mix.

Tomorrow I have two other lectures in two other subjects, Im exciiited! But also a bit afraid. Why? Because one of the subject I was going to have this year, was full, so instead one of the teachers put me in a second year class! Sounds scary! Little me and a bunch of second years? THe subject is called «Entrepreneurship»!! Say what? It kinda sounds a bit difficult, but when I read about it, it sounded intresting as well.. We’ll se how its going :)

I guess the hardest things will be when I have to do a presentation. I suck at explaining things on english. But I guess I get used to that as well :)

And btw, for those of you that had asked for a picture of the dress Scott bought me.. Here you go: (not the best picture, but at least you get a little clue of how it looks like) :)

Me and Jenna at the local! Doutta Galla it is. :)


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  1. Yvonne Nylander

    <3 Så fin dåkker e Patricia <3
    <3 savne dæ <3
    koz dæ å nyte tida di der,,,æ e spent på kordan det går på skolen din <3
    klæm fra mams <3


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