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He scores eightytwo point five

I havent written here for a while, but thats because Im having the best time of my life. (And maybe because I havent had internet access the last days). Life in Melbourne is going great. A week ago or something, we all went to Philip Island. The same Island where me and Scott went to this new-years festival at. The first stop were at a wildlife park, where they had kangaroos and koalas and wallabys and stuff. You could go in to the kangaroos and pet them and feed them. It was awesome. They were sooooo cute (that I could die). The little Joeys were the cutest, just hanging out of their mothers.. uhm, whatever the hole in their stomachs are called. Cuteness. The koalas was even more cute, but kinda boring. They sleep almost all the time, but if you paid some AUD, you could pet one. So so I did! It was AWESOME! So fluffy and so insanely amazing cute! I want one! And its name is gonna be Pax. As in peace. Because its cool. And koalas are peaceful. Yeah.

We also went to a place called the nobbies. It was really beautiful, and I didnt want to leave when we had to. (Ill put out some pictures on thursday or friday. Check it out!!!) Next on the plan were the little penguins. Philip Island have the biggest colony of Little Penguins in the world, and every night hundreds of hundreds of hundreds penguins emerge from the sea to their homes at the Island. This is happening at the same time every sunset, so you can pay to go to the beach and see this by yourself. It was amazing! We were sitting there with towels around us, ’cause it started to get a bit chilly, the sun went down and everyone were just waiting for the penguins to get up from the sea. And finally, they came! The cutest little creatures ever! (Little creatures is by the way my favourite beer, not that it has anything to do with penguins, I just had to mention it. Yeah).

Helene and Morten have left Australia, and are back home in Norway in a couple of hours. Miss them already! The house is empty, and me and TJ are just waiting for the university to start. Its gonna be epic!

Another thing thats common here in Australia (it was also kinda common in Netherlands, so maybe its just Norway being boring again), is to go out for breakfast, lunch and brunch. I mean.., one thing is to go out for dinner. Thats something you might afford once in a while in Norway. Lunch as well.. sometimes. But to go out for breakfast and stuff as often as its common here, is not the same. It would be cheaper to eat at home, but here its different. Food from the grocery store is expensive, so to eat out is something you do quite often. And today me and Scott went out for brekkie again :) I had french toast with strawberries and peaches and cream and nuts and yummy yum! (Takk kjæresten!) (And yeah, it might be ((WOHO! NORWEGIAN SNOWBOARD GUY ON THE TV!)) fattyfatty, but its soooo goood!) (And its not that fattyfatty. :P)

Anyway. Stay updated, pictures will come in the end of the week!

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  1. <3 Så artig å få les alt dette Patricia <3 glær mæ te du lægg ut bilda,,,savne dæ <3 Ha det så fint videre <3 å lykke til på innskrivinga på skolen <3 Gla i dæ <3 pia mi <3
    <3 klæm fra mams <3


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