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DehLa Love LaTrobe

First day at Uni is over. It was totally awesome! I can wait until I can start my first assignment! It sounds both fun and intresting, I just hope I wont have any problems with the language! The first assignment is to make a daytour to one of Melbourne’s suburbs for tourists, and then we’re gonna have a 25 minutes presentation for the rest of the class. Its a groupassignment, I just hope I’ll get a cool group :P

Thats right, I can be nice and say that everyone in this class seems cool, but that would be a lie. But hey, I dont mind some weirdos in the class. It’ll make a good laugh :) JUST LIKE LAST YEAR! YEAH! («Herreguuuud, sjekke Tangerudbakken 2 daaa! Barnehageonga ass!» or… «Om du kanskje hadd oppfort dae litt, saa hadd ae aapna doera t dae med en gang….» Haha, some people never grow up, but again, it will just make a good laugh:)) Im excited to get to know the class better, I think I will have a blast :) Half of them are International students, the rest from Melbourne. Nice mix.

Tomorrow I have two other lectures in two other subjects, Im exciiited! But also a bit afraid. Why? Because one of the subject I was going to have this year, was full, so instead one of the teachers put me in a second year class! Sounds scary! Little me and a bunch of second years? THe subject is called «Entrepreneurship»!! Say what? It kinda sounds a bit difficult, but when I read about it, it sounded intresting as well.. We’ll se how its going :)

I guess the hardest things will be when I have to do a presentation. I suck at explaining things on english. But I guess I get used to that as well :)

And btw, for those of you that had asked for a picture of the dress Scott bought me.. Here you go: (not the best picture, but at least you get a little clue of how it looks like) :)

Me and Jenna at the local! Doutta Galla it is. :)

Picture time

Its been a while whitout pictures, so for you guys that dont follow me on facebook, here’s what I’ve been doing lately!

Me, Scott, Mick and Krystle in Sydney!

Scott and me in front of the Operahouse!

Love this picture of Mick and Krystle :) Still in Sydney

Pineapple tree! (Not really, it just looks like it) <3

Australias most eastern point! Pretty.

Me and Craig the Crackhead. My favourite guy in Lismore!

Me and Scott went parasailing!!! <3 Best day ever!

Me and Jenna one of the days we went to Doota Galla! Gotta love those days!

When me and Scott went to Adelaide to celebrate Kara's birthday!

Patsy likes Bundie :)

Me and Scott on Australia day!!

Essendon AFL team playes cricket with Melbourne cricket!

Helene and me, waiting for the train. Im heaps cool.

They also have fireworks on Australia day :D

I'm feeding a duck, yes I am :)

At Philip Island :)

Still at Philip Island :) Awesome place!

Me and tha suuuun, yeah :)

Beautiful place!

If you go out for breakfast, this is what you can expect! NAM NAM!

Me and Scotch at St.Kilda festival :)

TJ at St. Kilda festival!

Will, Shaun, Jenna, Scott and me at Doota Galla

Who is the kitten?

Hey world!
Whats up? Here in Melbourne is everything going great!
The sun is still shining, the city is still as amazing as it was the first day, and the Aussies are still treating me well.
Yeah, thats a good topic btw. Australian people are SO polite and friendly and nice and open-minded compared to Norwegians. You really notice the difference! I can count on one hand how many time random people have started a conversation with me back in Norway. Here it happends all the time. Almost. Ok, not all the time.., but a lot more often then what Im used to. We Scandinavians have something to learn :) Btw, surprisingly many folks that dont know where Norway are. Or what language we speak. (Do you speak… scandinavish? german?) And yeah, its not «Norwegia», its Norway :)

Aaaanyways. Today. We woke up around 09.00am and then we went to a park that begins with P. I dont remember its name, but it really doesnt matter. Yeah, we went to this park, and met Luke and Nat. Luke is Scotts manlove, and they are pretty cute togheter :) And yeah, we played Frisbee Golf! It was awesome! And I rocked. (Yes I did. True story). You dont know what Frisbee Golf is? Its like golf! Just with Frisbee’s instead! Got it? So you throw the frisbee and try to hit a basket! Fun times! And I met a norwegian guy! Yeah. Yeeeeah….

Soooo… SCOTT IS BEST! Woho!

– Blogges! X Patsy

My lovely!!

Yesterday I woke up around 11.30. Scott wasnt by my side, so I figured out he was already up. Yesterdays big night out had given me a little bit of a hangover, so all I wanted to was to take a shower. And maybe get a massage from my boyfriend. I put on some random clothes lying around and went downstairs, whitout knowing what was waiting. Scott was sitting in the livingroom, but when he saw me, he ran towards me and litterally pushed me backwards up through the stairs, back into his room, down on the bed, put the blanket over me, turned of the lights, closed the door and it became quiet. I falled asleep again before my I had time to think about what just happend.

30 minutes later, I woke up again. «Wake up Patsy». When I opened my eyes, Scott was standing over me with breakfast, coffe, a rose and 4 red numbered envelopes. «Happy Valentines Day!» I ate the delicious banana choco-chips pancakes while we were watching a new episode of True Blood. Its like.. our thing ;) When it all was inside our stomaches, he told me to open the first envelope. I opened it, and it wa a really cute card and a dayticket for the train. I didnt quite get it, before I continued reading. Scott had made me a scavenger hunt around Melbourne!! I got 1 hour to get ready, Scott left the builiding and I was all by myself. The clues on the first card told me to go and take the train a couple of stops, then take to the west, and in to a shopping mall. I were supposed to pass K-Mart, and then take the elevator downstairs. I did so, and looked at the clues again. «Look at your right side. Booking under Patsy.» I turned around, and thought; «No. It cant be. This must be wrong. Uhm.. Maybe I should ask just to be sure.» I went inside and asked if they had a booking for Patsy. So they did. «Thats a full body-massage and facial, right?» the lady asked. I really had no idea, and told her what was going on. Then she remembered the «young nice boy» that came into the store this morning asking for a booking for his girlfriend. Yep, that was my Scottie! I couldnt belive it, and all I wanted to do was to give Scott a big kiss, but since he left me all alone I couldnt. So I sent him a message. But according to his rules, I werent allowed to, so it ended with that message :P Instead I put on the Valentine Playlist he had made for me. I laughed when I heard Akon sing: «I just had sex». The massage was lovely! So relaxing and so amazing. I’ve never had one at a massagestudio before, it was really cool. At one point I had no idea what was up and what was down and what was my right hand and what was my left hand,where I was or what my name was. Then she asked me: «Normally I work with the butt as well, but its up to you. You have no idea how good it will do you!» I said: «Thats okey, just continue whatever you are doing now. Its fine.»

After the session was over, the first card told me to open envelope two. The massageladies didnt want me to leave before I had opened it, so I sat down while I opened and read number two. I was supposed to go back to the train, into the city and inside a shoppingmall. At one of the stores an item were hold for me. All I knew were that the stores name started with B. I promised the massageladies to come back and tell them how the day ended, and then I left. I used some time to find the shoppingmall, but when I suddenly saw that it was in front of me all the time, I started looking for one of the informationboots where you can search by name and find out where to go to get to the stores. I didnt understand it, shich made it a bit more difficult. I had to find the stores by myself, well…, just start looking! I walked around a bit, finding no stores starting with B. Finally I saw a store called Barfod (or something), it looked kinda fancy and I dont think I would ever go inside there if it wasnt for this scavenger hunt. I asked «Excuse me, Im not sure if it’s at this store, all I know is that in one of the stores at this mall, its an item being hold for me. So Im just wondering if you have something for Patsy here?» The lady in the store looked around, finding nothing, so I said: «Well, its probably not here, it can be wherever!» -«No, no! Wait! Ill go back to check!» When she came back she had a bag with a note. «Valentines present for Patsy!» Right on first try! I thanked her, and since the last card said I should were the item, I asked if I could change there. I could. It was the most beutiful dress ever!  Ah, I loved it from first second, and again, I just wanted Scott to be there so I could kiss him! I didnt have the right shoes. Or the right jacket. Or the right purse. But it didnt matter, I just wanted to open next envelope and get next clue, so I could meet Scott ASAP! :D

Next envelope had a map drawn inside of the card. After some misunderstanding I finally got to the right place, took the right tram and got off at the right place. Then I got a message from Scott asking where I was. When I told him, I got this back: «You are too fast! Stop moving, Im not in position yet!» So all I could do, was sit down, take it easy, breath for a change and listen to the playlist again. After some minutes I got the permission to continue, and after some walking I spotted him on the other side of the road. Most handsome guy in miles! And he had a rose in his hand :) I walked towards him, smiling with whole me, and giving him the biggest hug and alot of kisses ever! I was so happy! We ended up in a nice restaurant where he used to work, eating delicious sea-food. When I opened the last envelope it said: «Happy 1 month anniversary Patsy!» :) I didnt even know he knew that. But he did! Aaaw.

We took the desert in bed. Litterally. …Litterally I said. Eyh. Dont be nasty! We had ice-cream and red wine and True Blood for hours! It was very nice :) I didnt want the day to end, but finally we falled asleep. <3

Thanx Scott! For the best day ever! You know it :)

He scores eightytwo point five

I havent written here for a while, but thats because Im having the best time of my life. (And maybe because I havent had internet access the last days). Life in Melbourne is going great. A week ago or something, we all went to Philip Island. The same Island where me and Scott went to this new-years festival at. The first stop were at a wildlife park, where they had kangaroos and koalas and wallabys and stuff. You could go in to the kangaroos and pet them and feed them. It was awesome. They were sooooo cute (that I could die). The little Joeys were the cutest, just hanging out of their mothers.. uhm, whatever the hole in their stomachs are called. Cuteness. The koalas was even more cute, but kinda boring. They sleep almost all the time, but if you paid some AUD, you could pet one. So so I did! It was AWESOME! So fluffy and so insanely amazing cute! I want one! And its name is gonna be Pax. As in peace. Because its cool. And koalas are peaceful. Yeah.

We also went to a place called the nobbies. It was really beautiful, and I didnt want to leave when we had to. (Ill put out some pictures on thursday or friday. Check it out!!!) Next on the plan were the little penguins. Philip Island have the biggest colony of Little Penguins in the world, and every night hundreds of hundreds of hundreds penguins emerge from the sea to their homes at the Island. This is happening at the same time every sunset, so you can pay to go to the beach and see this by yourself. It was amazing! We were sitting there with towels around us, ’cause it started to get a bit chilly, the sun went down and everyone were just waiting for the penguins to get up from the sea. And finally, they came! The cutest little creatures ever! (Little creatures is by the way my favourite beer, not that it has anything to do with penguins, I just had to mention it. Yeah).

Helene and Morten have left Australia, and are back home in Norway in a couple of hours. Miss them already! The house is empty, and me and TJ are just waiting for the university to start. Its gonna be epic!

Another thing thats common here in Australia (it was also kinda common in Netherlands, so maybe its just Norway being boring again), is to go out for breakfast, lunch and brunch. I mean.., one thing is to go out for dinner. Thats something you might afford once in a while in Norway. Lunch as well.. sometimes. But to go out for breakfast and stuff as often as its common here, is not the same. It would be cheaper to eat at home, but here its different. Food from the grocery store is expensive, so to eat out is something you do quite often. And today me and Scott went out for brekkie again :) I had french toast with strawberries and peaches and cream and nuts and yummy yum! (Takk kjæresten!) (And yeah, it might be ((WOHO! NORWEGIAN SNOWBOARD GUY ON THE TV!)) fattyfatty, but its soooo goood!) (And its not that fattyfatty. :P)

Anyway. Stay updated, pictures will come in the end of the week!

Blogges verden! – Pattypat