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Happy Australia Day!

I wanted to straight my hair. So I did. Well. Helene did. And then we were ready.

Me. Scott. TJ. Helene. Morten. And Jenna. We sat in the livingroom with a beer. Yesterday was the night before Australia day, with other words, it was supposed to be a big night out! And so it was. We started the evening with playing Kings Cup. A drinking game, where you definetely would be wasted pasted shit-facted. When we were wasted pasted shit-facted, we went to a bar and got even more wasted, before we headed back home again. Nightfood! Hotdogs, eggs, bread and tomatosauce was an excellent choice for nightfood! Nam Nam! And then we falled asleep.

I woke up around 05.00am this morning, drank heaps of water and then went back to sleep. Clever. When I woke up later, around 10.30 am, I didnt feel hungover. Hurray! After a shower and some food, me, Scott, TJ and Scotts brother, Ross, went to the cricket ground and watched a game with the cricket team versus the football team, playing…. CRICKET! Guess who won :) They even gave you free hot dogs! Haha. But guess whaaaat! They eat hot dogs in white bread. And the other day, when I cut up my sausage on the middle and put it on my bread (so it wouldnt roll of ofc), Scott looked weird at me and said: «You dont know much about eating hot dogs, do you?» Funny guy ;) (If he only knew that he is the one that doesnt know much about it, and not me… haha) :D

Anyyyyway. After the cricket, we all went to Scotts family and drank beer! It was really nice, and Scotts family are just so lovely! And the dogs… The cutest! I probably wrote about the two dogs in the other blogpost after christmas, but just to refresh; Flash, the blind, cute little fellow that walks around in his own little world. And Amy, the silly, dumb and megacute dog that are obsessed by this ball. If you throw it once, you are doomed. Then you have to throw it at least 140 times more. (Scotts mother counted). But I just cant say no to her, she is soooo cute, I could die! We also went to the park nearby to play cricket ourself! HEAPS of fun! Cricket, beer and portable music! Yay! When we got back, we had BBQ, and homemade Pavlova! An Australian desert, that tastes delicious :)

When the time were about 08.00pm, we took the train to Federation Square, and watched an amazing firework! YAY! The best ending of the day ever!

I had a really really cool Aussie day, and I wish I could put up some pictures from it, but my own laptop is a little bit sick (again), so it wont work at the moment.. Ill keep yah updatet with photos an other time!

Stay cool!



Its about the life. The life right now! Not the past. And not the future. Right now! Live life! Live life and no regrets!

«I belive in the experience of the roadtrip. It can change the way you see yourself, the world, and the people around you. It’s about getting something out of the journey itself, rather than worrying about how fast you can get to your destination; whats the hurry? A roadtrip is a philosophy of life, a way of learning about yourself, an experience, a way to test yourself, a way to grow up… The possibilities are endless!»

Being lost is fuuuun! :D

Han der fine er så fin så fin

He did not have a bear. But he did have a beer. And a beard.

It was short and fuzzy and beardy. Yes. The salt is salty, the beard was beardy, and I liked it.

But now. Now the holiday is over, and the beard is gone.

He is sexy. Wow.

Rocking out

Rock it to the break of day
Don’t stop rocking now, no way
If everybody feels the same
This is why we play these games
Rock it to the early dawn
Soon those good times will be gone
Everything I ever had, if I could have
One night like that


Melbourne baby, Melbourne!

Well, now I have updatet the blog with another new page. Instead of writing everything in one big blogpost, I made a new page. Check it out at:

Now, Im back in Melbourne. Its a nice city with a big beach not far away from centrum. The next months are going to be amazing :) The international student festival starts the 16th of February, and I’m SO looking forward to it :) I’m glad I have TJ there the first months though. Being the ONLY norwegian in the class would be a little bit scary.

The Aussie life is GREAT! :)

Totally OZsome!

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I’ve made a new page! Look to the left, and you will find a side called «2010». Check it out.

Right now. Me and Helene are home at Mick’s place, while the boys are picking up THE van! Its gonna be EPIC!

Planning the trip!


«Takk» «Værsegod» «Unnskyld» «Pupp» «Norsk»

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(Yes, the headline is the words the aussies already know.. Lol)

We woke up around 04.00 am. Jenna drove us to the airport, and we were there 05.00 am. One hour until the plane left for Sydney. We said goodbye to Jenna and prepared for the adventure of ur liiiiives! And then. We found out that we were at the wrong airport. FUCK!

We jumped into a cab as fast as a racehorse (lol), and told the cabdriver to take us to the other airport. He drove like crazy, but we were sure we wouldnt make it. Scott called the airport and asked if we could rebook it. We could. For 280 AUD. We sweared to ourselves and crossed our fingers. The cabdriver still drove like crazy. 10 minutes until the plane left, we arrived the airport. We grabbed our bags and 6 minutes before the plane left we were in the line for securitycontrol. «Excuse me, you have to take out your laptop.» «Excuse me, you have to go back. «Excuse me, do you have tentplugs in this bag?» WAAAH! So stressed! FINALLY we got through, and then we heard over the speakers. «Final call for Scott Cody and Patricia Svendsen! The gate is closing!» Wheeeere to goo? Which gaaaate? «Number 2!» someone said behind us, and of we ran. Pjuh. We got to the gate, and finally we were on the plane. We made it!

And now, we are in Sydney with TJ, Helene, Morten, Mick and Krystle! We are staying at Mick’s place, which is awesome. He even have a pool in the common backyard!

Yesterday we first went playing in the pool, but after a while, we wanted to go to the beach. The beach was soooo amazing, with HUGE waves! We played with the waves for a while, but after 2 «I-almost-died» experiences for both Helene and me, we decided to leave the waves and play in the sand instead of. In the evening we took the train in to Sydney, and Kings Cross, Sydney big partystreet. We drank shots from a tea-pot and danced around, until we went back to Mick’s place again. Today, me Scott, Mick and Krystle went to Sydney again to be tourists. I also met Marius, a guy I know from Norway and Red Cross. Right now, the boys are at the groserystore, buying BBQ food, ’cause we are gonna BBQ and eat KANGAROO! Say whaaaat? Awesome x100! We are also gonna celebrate Krystle’s birthday, ’cause after midnight she turnes 25! Yay :)

Tomorrow we are picking up the wicked van we are hiring, and driving up north! AWESOME!

I love the beach!

Nice sand and awesome waves!