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Hey dudes and dudettes.

Its been a while. Its just because Im busy. Busy with Amsterdam. Amsterdam is busy with me. Its awesome. Kinda awesome.

Its snowing here. And its cold. But its nice. It reminds me of Norway sometimes. When Im laying in a bed with friends, drinking and smoking and listening to music. When we are cooking food togheter. When we have movienights. When its snowing and everything is covered with white powder. Its almost like home. It is home. Amsterdam is my home at the moment. My coworkers are my friends and my friends are my family. And my roomies. They are. They are a part of me. Kinda. They are just the best. Sif and Isabella. The two awesome danish girls I met during my first week here. But soon the idyllic life in Amsterdam is over. The end is near.

2 weeks ago, my best friends Kenneth and Frank came from Norway. They were staying a couple of days and I think we had alot of fun. If I only could remember, but I dont. We… We were around. I guess. It was anyway really nice to see them. It made me happy. A couple of days later, Kristine came. My BF4EVER ;) We had tons of fun around in Amsterdam, the best week ever! We even went to Tilburg, a little cozy city 2 hours away from Amsterdam. Kristine had booked tickets for a Gogol Bordello concert for us, so we had alot of fun. Actually…, we got the tickets for free… ;) Whitout saying anything more about that.

Right now. Im at Nellys. Im gonna promote. With JD. One of the best guys in Amsterdam. We are drinking beer though. Not promoting. Beer are better. And cooler. Soon we are gonna go to the bar next door to get another beer. This life is amazing, and I just have to live it to the maximum these last days! In 7 days, Im on my way to Australia. Its gonna be wicked. :)


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Takk for at du leser bloggen min, du fremmede fugl! Eller kanskje er du ikke saa fremmed likevel. Uansett, legg igjen en kommentar da :)

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  1. <3 kjære pia mi <3 takk for at jeg får delta i det livet som du tydeligvis synes er helt topp <3 det gleder meg å se at du trives å har det bra <3 Savne dæ utrolig mye <3 bli rart å feire jul uten dæ i år <3 da sitter du i varme å sol å feirer en annerledes jul enn du er vant til <3 Kos deg masse Patricia <3 ta vare på deg selv <3 Håper du får en opplevelsesfull jul selv om du ikke er her sammen oss <3 God jul <3 pia <3 mi <3 Stoor juleklem fra mamma <3


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