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Monthly Archives: desember 2010

Ay ay Captain Skull!

I had an amazing goodbyeparty in Amsterdam. If you forget about the fact that I got a bit sick of the pubcrawl-vodka. (It had to happen one time or later….) But before that, it was amazing. We went ice-skating and had a great time togheter! I spent the very last day to say goodbye to everyone, it was sad, but I’m pretty sure I’ll meet you all again. Somewhere. Sif, Ben, JD and Maiken went with me to the airport, before we said goodbye there. I’m happy I met you all, it was 3 amazing (drunk) months! Now – REHAB!

JC, Steve, me, Maiken, Ola, Sif and Bella <3 Picture taken by Asher Floyd

And then. I headed for Melbourne. After 25 hours on the plane, I finally got there. It was about 3.30 am local time when the plane landed, and about one hour later, I met Scott at the airport! :) Finally!!

Btw, when we landed in Dubai, I had to find the toilet. When I opened the door, I got scared! The toilets were this toilets whitout seats, where you just stand over a hole in the floor. Waaah! But luckily, before I decided to try it out, I checked out what was behind the wall in the middle of the room, and there I found normal toilets :P

The first day in Melbourne, we went to the zoo, to the beach AND the Eureka Skydecker! It was most amazing ever! :) At the zoo, we saw alot of cool animals, but my favourite was the KOALA! They were sleeping, but gosh, how cute! After couple of hours, we went to the beach and ate fish’n chips. It was awesome. Sandbeach as far as you could see and people enjoying the sun everywhere! My favourite spot for sure. And then. Eureka Skydecker! Melbournes tallest building, where the top is covered with gold! Check it out: And guess what… I SURVIVED THE EDGE!

After all this, we did NOT go to the christmas street to get the right christmas feeling. We did NOT enjoy all the houses with beutiful christmaslights and people singing christmascarols, and kids in their pyjamas being excited because of the christmas. We did NOT drive around for hours and hours trying to find our way out. Nope. We did’nt. At all. I’m sure its cool. But we didnt go there. And I dont want to either. Hah.

At the zooooo!

At the beeeeeach! :D

Scott AND me at the beach

Christmasday was spent with Scott’s family. It was kinda different, but soooo nice! When we woke up, we drove over to his parents, they live in a cozy area, in a big australian house! The first thing I get is a can of beer, and after that can, I got a new one. And a new one. And a new one. Or did I want red wine instead? No problem, here you go! So while everyone is sitting on the veranda, the chicken with beercans in their ass are on the barbie (Australian slang for on the grill :D), and the sun is shining and everyone are happy, I cant help thinking about Norway. Beutiful Norway, my friends and my family. I almost missed it, but then Scott’s aunt served me grilled shrimps, the blind dog came and sniffed my toes and the birds were singing in the treetop above me, and I didnt miss Norway at all. Sorry friends and family, I love you heaps, but Australia is most amazing ever, and I really enjoy it. Its different, but different in a good way. Hope you all had a good christmas with alot of good food and nice presents :)


Det snør, det snør. Tiddelibom!

People around me are excited. You know why? I do. Because its snowing. Because the trams stopped going. Because people have to push cars to get them going. Because some people use walking sticks. «Does he think he’s skiing or something?» Its strange. Should I be excited to? Its just like home :)

Amsterdam <3


Hey dudes and dudettes.

Its been a while. Its just because Im busy. Busy with Amsterdam. Amsterdam is busy with me. Its awesome. Kinda awesome.

Its snowing here. And its cold. But its nice. It reminds me of Norway sometimes. When Im laying in a bed with friends, drinking and smoking and listening to music. When we are cooking food togheter. When we have movienights. When its snowing and everything is covered with white powder. Its almost like home. It is home. Amsterdam is my home at the moment. My coworkers are my friends and my friends are my family. And my roomies. They are. They are a part of me. Kinda. They are just the best. Sif and Isabella. The two awesome danish girls I met during my first week here. But soon the idyllic life in Amsterdam is over. The end is near.

2 weeks ago, my best friends Kenneth and Frank came from Norway. They were staying a couple of days and I think we had alot of fun. If I only could remember, but I dont. We… We were around. I guess. It was anyway really nice to see them. It made me happy. A couple of days later, Kristine came. My BF4EVER ;) We had tons of fun around in Amsterdam, the best week ever! We even went to Tilburg, a little cozy city 2 hours away from Amsterdam. Kristine had booked tickets for a Gogol Bordello concert for us, so we had alot of fun. Actually…, we got the tickets for free… ;) Whitout saying anything more about that.

Right now. Im at Nellys. Im gonna promote. With JD. One of the best guys in Amsterdam. We are drinking beer though. Not promoting. Beer are better. And cooler. Soon we are gonna go to the bar next door to get another beer. This life is amazing, and I just have to live it to the maximum these last days! In 7 days, Im on my way to Australia. Its gonna be wicked. :)