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Dont ever sloop in the livingroom!


I’m not sure if I have so much to write about at the moment. My head is empty, and my stomach is full. I just ate the best potatochips ever. Nam Nam. You should try it. Its called Millies Mais Knabbels. Its corn-snacks. Nam Nam.

I still like my job. Its so social. And so fun. I meet so many cool people, its so worth it! And Im actually surprised over the norwegians. They appear more often than I thought. Some days ago there were a group of norwegian boys. I had a great night out with them, even if we had to stop drink at 04.30 because of their flight back home. It was thrilling amazing. Crazyness and drunkness! Everyday is a party, and I love it. So even if the aussies won over the vikings back in Prague in February, they wont beat us in Australia. Not a chance. I’ve been practicing hard, espescially on the jägershots. Me and TJ and Morten and Helene are gonna kick ass! Woah! Back in Norway I seldom, very seldom, take shots. Here. I take at least one each day. Come on. It costs me 8 NOK. Ofcourse I take shots. And a pint is only 28 NOK btw. Love.

So. Have you ever heard about this pubcrawl we have? Its like a big party with alot of people from all over the world, and we have one hour with free vodkashots! Any plans for the next weeks? Wanna come visit?

Tomorrow I’m going to Rotterdam again. Coming back on thursday. Need to get a little bit away from Amsterdam, the pubcrawl and DurtyNellys. Not that I dont like it, I just need something else to do. Looking forward to it. And to see all the cool people in my home again ;) Yeah. My home. Sorry guys, Huis Luzac will always be my home in Rotterdam, even if you move out. Thats just the way the cookie crumbles :) Ready for Sorbonne? Riva? Skihut? :D


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  1. <3 pia <3 mi <3 savne dæ masse <3 gla i dæ <3 ta vare på dæ sjøl <3 mamman din <3


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