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I’ve just ordered my first Durty Nellys burger.

This story might not be true.

Yesterday I was at a huge party in Amsterdam. All of my friends here in Amsterdam were there, ans also alot of randoms. It was great fun. And I got really drunk. Really really drunk. I made a new friend though. A girl. I dont remember her name. She was cool. When the party was over we wanted to go to a after-party. But we couldnt find any. She asked me; «but dont you know alot of dutch people? They probably have a after-party somewhere!». So I said, that the only dutch people I know lives in Rotterdam, but to be honest, they probably do have a after-party. So we went there. We took the train. When we finally arrived, it was great fun. Before we went to Huize Luzac, we went to Mortens work. Thats true. Morten works in Rotterdam. Crazy, right? He laughed at us, since we were so drunk, but after a while he got annoyed and told us to leave. So we went to this after-party, and it was awesome. Job and Pim were wasted, they couldnt even walk by themself. Daniel was actually sober, which surprised me. Around 7 in the morning my mum got there. She sometimes use to go to Huize Luzac to use the internet. So me and my new friend, the girl, went to Daniels room to sleep. I didnt wanna talk to my mother. We slept in Daniel’s bed, and it was very comfy. When we finally woke up again, we found out that we should go back to Morten’s work and say sorry. So we did. And guess who was there? CRAIG! Craig smiled at me, but I didnt recognize him. Because he had shaved and cut his hair! Seriously! I asked what the fuck he did there, since last time I saw him, he were on his way back to Australia! He said he had lost his flight, and all the other flights were cancelled, so he had to stay for 3 more weeks. I was very very happy and we all went back to Amsterdam. Back to Durty Nellys. The rest of the people were ofcourse there as well, and everyone celebrated that Craig was back. Sif got really wasted, and Ben dressed up like a zombie. Just for the occasion.

Crazy night. Crazy dream. Crazy Amsterdam.


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