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Waka Waka, its Amsterdamage

Days are flying by, I’ve already been in Amsterdam 2 weeks, and its almost 1whole month since I left Norway! Wow. Its wicked.

At the PartKings I work with a bunch of cool people. And everyday I meet someone new cool travellers. I love Amsterdam, it’s a city full of travellers, and therefore its very easy to meet and make friends with people. Just a sad thing many of them leaves the day after. And yeah, since its full of Aussies here, I’ve learned a new Australian expression. Heaps good! HEAPS GOOD!  

At the moment I live with 2 danish girls. Sif and Isabella. They rock big time, and whitout them I think I have had to cancel my trip and go back to Norway. I couldnt find a place of my own, and the couchsurfingplan me and some others had, didnt work out. So now I live here for some days, and afterwards I hope I’ll get a cleaningjob at a hostel. I wont get paid, but free bed and free breakfast. I applied yesterday, so now I just have to wait and see.

I also miss my bestfriends in Rotterdam (hehey Huize Luzac (Yeah, that’s a name (No, not really (It’s a house)))). So hopefully Im going to Rotterdam again sometime this week. :)

And yeah, promoting on the streets for PartKings are kinda cool. Waka Waka!


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  1. Hmm,,,bare kom hjem Patricia,,,når du vil )))


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