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Verrukkelijke geur verrassend laag geprijsd

Amsterdam is cool. PartyKings Pubcrawl are cool. The weather’s cool. The people are cool. I’m cool. Things are pretty much okey.

But wow. The aussie’s are everywhere :P The first time I met australians on this journey, I was like «COOOL! Where are you from? I’m going to Melbourne in December! Awesome!!!». But I meet them everywhere, all the time, so its no longer a big deal :P I still ask though.. «Where are u from? Im going to Melbourne in December! How is it there?» So looking forward to it :)

Yesterday I joined the PartyKings pubcrawl for the first time. It was nice! I werent working, but I werent pubcrawling either.. I was in the middle of both, pouring shots to the crawlers, and drinking myself. It was heaps of fun. Only 10 pubcrawlers joined the tour, but they were all really cool people. From Canada, USA , Sweden, Italy and Switzerland. I weared my yellow sunglasses. Ofcourse. As always. And yeah. They become kinda popular. Everyone wanted to wear them, and that was okey. As long as I got them back. They are awesome, I just hope they survive Holland. They have to! Its me. Its what I am. Its my brand. ;)

I still haven tried to bike here in Amsterdam. Not sure if Im brave enough. Its freaking scary! Some days ago I saw a poor tourist bumb in a car. The driver got fucked up angry and went out shouting like hell to him. He said sorry, but the driver wasnt pleased, so he didnt stop yelling. I just passed by, but some seconds later, the biker biked like hell away from the place, and behind him, the driver running and yelling: «stop him, stop him!» They dissapeared in the crowd, and I didnt see them again. I’m really wondering what happend. If the tourists survived this, he got an awesome story to tell his friends. :D

Well, now I’m going to Durty Nelly’s to see if there are some familiar faces. I have the impression that there always is, so I cross my fingers :) Up for a pint mate?


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  1. Ojoj Patricia,,,,ka du får oppleve,,,artig å få lese alt du ser å opplever i Amsterdam <3 vær forsiktig,,,æ får lær litt mer engelskkunnskapa når du skriv engelsk,,,men æ bruke lang tid da,,,write something in Norwegian too <3 mams <3


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