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Diary #1

Hello world!

Holland is amazing!
And here I am. Still alive. Enjoying everything. Having fun. Meeting people. CREATING MEMORIES!

When I arrived at Schiphool on wednesday, I met Daniel and Job. Two awesome dutch guys I know from.. erm.. Thats another story ;) Anyway, Im glad they had time to pick me up, because Schiphool was amazingly big! So I didnt need to think about anything, just follow them and watch my luggage! Yay. Thanx alot knapperts! I arrived kinda late, so after grabbing something to eat at BurgerKing, we went to their home in Rotterdam and felled asleep pretty fast.

The next day I joined Daniel at his parents house in Schonhoven. About 45 minutes outside Rotterdam. At the countryside. It’s really beutiful, green fields as far as you can see, cows (nooo way?) and all this little rivers around. Its so different from what I’m used to in Norway, and..yeah.. I just cant describe it. Awesome! Afterwards I went to Rotterdam centrum, trying to find out where things can be found and where to go. I found the shoppingstreet pretty easy. If I bought something? A CELLPHONE! Yeaaa! So now, I finally have one, after 9 months whitout. Some hours later, I met Daniel again and we went for a drink before we headed back to his place and his roomies. In the evening Job, Marchessa and me ordered chinese (which was awesome, why arent that more common in Norway??), and we watched a dutch TV-show about a bunch of silly dutch people partying at some exotic island. Yeah. The realityshows are just as stupid here, as in Norway. And. I found out that dutch arent so hard to understand. Many words are basically the same as in either english, norwegian or german, so if I really try. I understand some words ;)

Being a real tourist at McDonald's.

Looking too long at this houses makes me dizzy.

Yesterday. Job took me for sightseeing Rotterdam. I took some pictures and afterwards I wandered a bit by myself. When it was time for lunch I met Daniel and we found a nice spot next to a river. A bit like «Solsiden» in Trondheim. And guess what. I had 2 beers and a huge baguette with eggsalad and baguette for around 70 NOK. Im so amazed over the prices here… Just gotta love it. Later on we went back to Schonhoven and his family for a delicious dinner, before we went to the centrum in Schonhoven. If I thought the fields were nice, the centrum was even more amazing! The streets are so cozy, with water, trees, swans, old houses and bricks instead of conqrete! Its really idyllic, and the liquiorshop! WOW. It was a tiny store, and the shopkeeper were so nice and friendly! I would never thought that a liquiorshop could be cozy, but this one… for sure! Next on the agenda was to drive his sister and friends to a party in a nearby village. Nieuwpoort was the name, and I’m for sure going back! Well.., yes. Schonhoven was really nice, but Nieuwpoort… A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Its just like taken out of a romantic movie! Unfortenlately it was to dark to take photos, but no doubt about it. I’m going back! When we finally were at R’dam again, we had some drinks, and ordered some turkish food, before we headed out for the city night-life. Riva was the bar, and there we met some of Daniel’s friends. It was really fun, but we had to go back home early to get up today. Well. Early and early. The time was about 03.00 am, but the bars didnt really close ;) It was still alot of people there, partying like hell :D

Typical Dutch street.

Its better in reality though. I'm not the best photographer ;)

Today’s been a intresting day. I had to wake up around 08.30 am, and just one hour later, me and Daniel went to R’dam centralstation to meet Judith and Majo. Two exchangestudents from Germany and Peru. Two portuguese girls came as well, and togheter we all took the train in to Amsterdam, where Daniel had to be our personal guide. I really liked Amsterdam, but its also full of tourists. Like everywhere! And if its not tourists. Its bikes. Bikes, bikes and scooters. I have no idea about how many times Daniel saved me from being runned over by bikes or scooters. They are fricking everywhere! So my hot-tip for you if you are planning a visit to Holland, Amsterdam is a nice city with alot of old buildings and nice rivers with nice bridges, and yes. They do have coffee-shops and Red Light District. And I’m sure its an awesome place for young tourists  that want some adventure. But please! Try one of the other cities as well! I promies you, you wont regret. And seriously. The coffeeshops aren’t only in Amsterdam ;)

Amsterdam <3


So yes. As you might understand, Im having a great time here. I have the best host ever, he really takes good care of me ;) Holland is awesome. And the weather is good ;) Its warm. Its sunny. And its raining. I LOVE it! Yesterday it was thunder and lightning as well, but really. I do love the weather. It can be like a normal norwegian summerday one minute, the other one its raining like hell again, before it suddenly goes back to sunny summerweather. I’m wearing my summerclothes, and I hope this will last, because its like the rest.. awesome!


Proost, Patsy!

Last blogentry from Trondheim

My things are packed.
Im leaving.

So what have I done the last days? If we dont count the boring stuff.

Friday. Last party with the Spanish-crew. (And the germans) Awesome party! Disco Pogo! I’m gonna miss you all!

Cool Crew!

Me and Mr. Rocky. Awesome dude ;)

Yo y Jose. See u around somewhere someday amigo! :)

Saturday. I met Jose at the airport. Kinda cool. And then. I picked up Daniel. Daniel from Holland. He came all the way to Norway just for a few days, and for partying! Amazing! We met Robbie and some friends of him at Solsiden. Then we went for sightseeing Svartlamon, an alternative district and a result of  many years of political struggle. Now its an experimental arena for city ecology. In other words, a kinda cool place to hang around. Some intresting shops etc.

Coolest tree in Trondheim.

We dont like rats!

Robbie making a photo ;)

Me and Mr. Holland, and our very pale ale ;)

And then. Farewell party! We were some people at Frank’s, before I met the rest at Familien. It was a good good night! Hope to see you all again sometime!

Charlène, Linn and Daniel, the norwegian version.

Mr. Holland, me, Charlène and Marion!

Sunday. Familytime.

Bigsis' Jannicke, Emrik, Karina and bigbro' Tommy ;D


Martin :)

Mats :)

Daniel playing at Emriks nintendo. :P

Monday. It was such a nice day. Sunny and a bit warm. So I decided to take a walk and say goodbye to the city ;)


In the evening my girls had organized a goodbye evening. With cake. And games. And stories. Great!

Stina :)

Henny and Kjersti and Playstation.

Maria :)

Tuesday. Mother and daughter day.


Tomorrow is the day. Excited. And a bit nervous. Three months. Dont forget me ;) <3

Delectably, dark and sexy

«MacKayla Lane’s ordinary life underwent a complete makeover when she landed on Ireland’s shores and was plunged into a world of deadly sorcery and ancient secrets.

In her flight to stay alive, Mac must find the Sinsar Dubh – a million-year-old book of the blackest magic imaginable, which holds the key to power over both the worlds of the Fae and of the Man. Pursued bye Fae assassins, surrounded by mysteriou figures she knows she cannot trust, Mac find herself torn between two deadly and irresistible  men: V’lane, the insationable Fae who can turn sensual arousal into an obession for any woman, and the ever-inscrutable Jericho Barrons, a man as alluring as he is mysterious.

For centuries the shadowy realm of the Fae has coexisted with that of humans. Now the walls between this two are coming down, and Mac is the only thing that stands between them…»

Yea! Can you belive it? Me reading a english book! I figure out that it could be smart. To improve my english, and maybe get something added to my vocabulary. This book is awesome. Thanks to Maria for borrowing it.

Reading books is also a good way to spend my time. When Im not around in the city to do the last preparation before going, I dont have anything to do. Before I started to read I just walked back and forward in the appartment. Nervous? No. Not exactly. Just.. a bit.. curious about whats waiting?

Now Im going out. My last friday in Trondheim for a while. Have to get up early tomorrow though. Guess who’s coming. Daniel! All the fricking way from Holland. Just to party with us on saturday. Crazy guy. Gotta love it.

Buzz Lightyear

Two people. Thanx to both. You know who your are. They dont know eachother. But both have been talking about «to feel«. They have teached me that I dont need to think all the time. To feel can be enough. If I just can seperate the thoughts and the feelings. Im working with it. And the feeling I have at the moment. Isnt the best feeling Ive had. But Im not sure if its 100% the feeling yet. It might be some thoughts there as well. As I said, Im working with it. I just hope Im wrong. Really.

But whatever. Writing this means Im thinking again, which is bad. So I’ll stop. Instead I can look forward. I have 8 days left in Norway. The time is running fast. Suddenly the day is here, and Im leaving! Strange. But wow, how cool! 3 amazing months in Holland are waiting, and then.. Melbourne FTW ;)

Btw – check out this amazing blog from New Jersey, USA. I would love to find one! USA next? ;)

Shitt, its på norsk!

Herlighet. 9 dager igjen. Ufattelig snålt. Men guri, så tøft! :D Jeg eh.. Jeg har ikke ord. Klarer ikke helt beskrive den følelsen jeg sitter med. Hvilke tanker jeg har. Det er for ufattelig. Liksom. På en måte.

Uansett. Helga har jeg tilbringt med Røde Kors Ungdom. På Haraldsheim vandrerhjem i Oslo. Good times. Vi har hatt kurs for 15 håpefulle barn, som iløpet av helgen lærte seg hvordan man bøller med andre barn. Rett og slett. Men i god mening da. For et års tid tilbake, skrev jeg et innlegg hvor jeg også la til en promofilm fra På Flukt. Denne er vist fjernet fra youtube, så det ble ingen forklarende video denne gangen. På Flukt er altså det vi kurset om i helga. Og kort fortalt. Er det et rollespill som varer i 24 timer. Hvor vi som intstruktører fra Røde Kors spiller byråkratiske kontorrotter, gretne grensesjefer, strenge tollansatte, usikre guider og hyggelige hjelpepersonell i flyktningeleire. Deltakerne (som som oftest er rundt en 15 år), spiller flyktninger fra Somalia. Nå har På Flukt gjengen fått 15 nye instruktører, gratulerer til dere alle! Gleder meg til å se hvordan det går med dere :)

Sunniva, Vemund, Mirna, Andreas, Ida, Inga og Solveig

John, Habon, Malinn, Mats, Maja, Alexandra, Jon-Martin og Kine.

Solveig har full kontroll ;)

Karl Johan, Hèlen og Merete! The leaders ;)

På søndag hadde vi litt ekstra tid. Så jeg, Karl Johan, Eivind og Hèlen dro til Oslo Operahus. Jeg hadde jo ikke vært der før, så var jo en selvfølge at jeg måtte dit. Flott bygning, men marmorplater er kanskje ikke det smarteste valget de har tatt? Dette fortalte Hanne meg. Hvem Hanne er? Vel. Først litt bilder.

Meg og KJ @ Operahuset!


Hanne. Hanne er ei trivelig ung jente som studerer geologi ved NTNU. Jeg kjenner henne egentlig ikke. Men. På fredagskveld. Satt jeg og Karl Johan (heretter kun KJ), i hostelresepsjonen. Klokka var rundt 0200, og vi vurderte virkelig å legge oss. Ved resepsjonsskranken står det to, jeg tipper, latin-amerikanere. Det er ikke særlig unormalt, i og med at vi befinner oss på et vandrerhjem i Oslo. Her er det mange nasjonaliteter. Plutselig kommer to unge jenter stormende inn. De beskylder de to mennene for å ha kommet inn på rommet dems midt på natta og stjålet en mobiltelefon. Etter mye styr, mye kjefting, og mange beskyldninger, ringer den ene av jentene til mobiltelefonen. Dette kunne høres i hele resepsjonen, og det var vel egentlig ingen tvil om at lyden kom fra mennene. De to nektet all skyld, og var på veg til å forlate hostellet, da den ene av jentene røsker tak i treningsbaggen til vedkommende, og tømmer innholdet på gulvet. Ingen telefon. «Du har den i lommene dine!» sier jenta. Mannen vrenger lommene, drar ned buksa og bokseren, slenger litt med utstyret og roper tilbake: «JAG HAR DEN INTE!». Ja, på gebrokkent svensk. Resepsjonisten ringer (endelig) vaktselskapet, og de to mennene begynner å bli tydelig stressa. Den ene tenner er røyk, og de er iferd med å forlate området igjen. Den største mannen er utenfor, resten av gjengen går etter (De to jentene, resepsjonisten, KJ, og to spanjoler). Jeg tenker at jeg må gjøre noe, så jeg gjør et latterlig forsøk på å stanse mann nummer to. Det funker heller dårlig, så plutselig er begge mennene borte. KJ og de to spanjolene springer etter for å finne dem. Jeg blir igjen med jentene,og hun uten mobiltelefon får sperret SIM-kortet sitt. I mellomtiden har også jentenes professor (de er på utflukt med geologiklassen) kommet til. Vaktmannen kommer også, men kan desverre ikke gjøre noe. Han ber oss ringe til politiet, men de kan heller ikke gjøre noe. Det ender med at jeg og KJ blir med professoren og den ene jenta til politistasjonen for å anmelde saken. Etter et par skjemaer som måtte fylles ut, et grundig vitneavhør av meg og KJ, samt et enda grundigere avhør av vedkommende, kom vi tilbake 0700 om morgenen. Da var det kun 1 time igjen til oppmøte for kursgjengen. Heldigvis er Merete ei snasen dame som lot oss sove til 1200. :)

Innholsrik helg. Og Magnus: Jeg husker avtalen. 2 uker. Max ;)


15 days left. right.

Exiting times to come. But also goodbyes. This summer has consisted of many goodbyes. Every month, someone new has left the city. Or even worse. The country. I have two goodbyes left. Goodbye to Jose who goes back to Spain after some months here. And then a big farewell to everyone else. Before I leave myself. I think it will be hard. But hey. If I dont say goodbye. Its not possible to do what I wanna do. So its totally worth it. And when its hard to say goodbye it only means that they have a place in my heart. We will meet again. And I cant meet them again if I dont say goodbye. ‘Cause then i would never leave them. Hah.

Anyway. Im looking forward to the goodbye evening. Yea. I will have to say goodbye. But i also have to say hello! To who? Well. Daniel from Holland will come and party with us! Awesome, right?

Besides from this. I also have to say goodbye to my family. Thats not easy either. The difference between goodbye to friends and family are big. Friends says: Awesome Patsy! Do it! You’re gonna have the time of your life! Enjoy it, Im jealouse as! If I find time, I’ll come and visit you for sure! Family have one question: «Why?». And then they are very sceptical. To everything. I can understand that. But let me do it anyway. If its not working out. Let me learn by myself. I love you all, but I need to experience something complete different from what I’m used to. Maybe I will miss out on important things. Like birthdays, christmas, and children growing up, etc. etc. But sorry. I just have to be selfish and do it. Im coming back! You can come and visit me as well! :)

Goodbyes are not forever.
Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I’ll miss you
Until we meet again!

But hey. I still have 15 days left! 4 of them in Oslo. Yeaps. On thursday Im going to Oslo. I’ll be back on sunday. And then its the week of goodbyes. But not yet. Not yet. :D

18 days left

Downtown = awesome. And so are Morten, Helene and Tine. And Max Harry! Really. Max Harry? What kind of person (in Norway) calls their child Max Harry? (In Norway, Harry is a… uhm. Well.., its not a nice thing you call someone!)

Yesterday I was working to set up a stage. It took us 11 hours! Well. Other people already started on monday though. And its not 100% done before saturdaymorning. Which is now. But it was really fun! Hard work for sure. But funfunfun! I met many intresting people. 300 people working with different things. Mostly men. From Ireland. Or Germany. Or England. Well. Have you ever met irish people? They swear. They shout. They insult eachother. All. the. time. It was fun though. Sometimes I just had to stop working and listen up. I laughed pretty much during those hours. Anyway. Today my whole body is sore. Thousands of trucks came and delivered stuff. Big stuff. And I was one of them that had to push and carry this boxes and what so ever it was up to the stage. Thousands of trucks. I tell you. It never stopped! I also sat up fences around the area. And fixed the cables. The funniest (and easiest) work was when I co-operated with one german, one irish and two norwegian guys on hanging up big lights behind the scene! My work was to tape the wholes with black tape. Yay! We were really effective and a good team! Just a pity I feel the way I do, since Im gonna work after the concert today as well. 4 days setting up an stage. 6 hours to take it down. Excited! :D