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nuevo mensaje de patsy

Strange how one person can convince you to do something.
I love my friends.
Espescially when you dont really know the person.
They are very important for me.
What I mean?
Every single one of them.
I mean exactly what I write.
Even if I dont meet them so often.
Persons I never have met.
Its different reasons for that.
Or persons I’ve just met for couple of hours.
Maybe they’ve moved.
These people are awesome people.
Or maybe they’ve got to busy with studies and work.
That’s why I still have contact with them.
Or maybe the’ve got a family.
They are people its easy to communicate with.
Or maybe its me.
And to be honest.
Its possible.
They all mean something for me.
The point is that I havent forgot them.
Someday our paths will cross again.
I chat with some of them.
Does a friend need to be someone you meet regularly?

I love you all! From my bestfriend living next door, to the friends living all over the world. From the friends I’ve met through school, red cross, work, and travels to the friends that just suddenly were there. You are very special, every single one of you.

And I’ve decided.. I’m gonna say yes. (Thanx to you, who convinced me.., you know who you are). (And no, Im not gonna get married.) ;)

Thanx everyone ;)

Thanx everyone ;)


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Takk for at du leser bloggen min, du fremmede fugl! Eller kanskje er du ikke saa fremmed likevel. Uansett, legg igjen en kommentar da :)

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  1. «Persons» er ikke et Engelsk ord. Det rette ville vært å skrive «people» der også. Jeg bare sier’e!!


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