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Ich bin eine groze wienerschnitzel!

In 43 days, Im on my way to Amsterdam.

– Ride with friends, or bus alone from Trondheim to Oslo.
– Plane from Oslo to Amsterdam.
– Stay in a hostel or cheap hotel the first night in Amsterdam, catch up with some random CS’people and hit the coffeeshops!
– Day 2, meet the randoms, Dutch and awesome chatroulette guys Daniel and Job with friends. Party on and sleep on their couch in Rotterdam for the next days!
– After 5 days in Holland, I’ll meet some Couchsurfers and hitchhike with them to Münich.
– When I reach Münich, find a couch is first on the agenda.
– Then, locate the Octoberfest and go party!
– And ofcourse, I’ll meet Kara from Australia, a girl we met one night in Prague! Superduperawesome!
– Havent booked my flight back yet, but I will. 2nd of October I think. Or 6th. Dont know yet, its an issue Im trying to figure out. The cheapest flight ticket are the 6th, but then again, I will use money between 2nd and 6th.. Hmmm.. Have to find out.

Is this girl crazy? What went wrong during her childhood? Travelling alone? Meeting people she dont know so well? Hitchhiking? Havent booked her flight back yet? Or her accomandation? And…. money? Oh dear…, she is stupid. Yea, if you say so. :) (No, not really, its a good plan.)


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