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language guerra and memories that never fades

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My norwegian friends complaine when Im writing stuff on crappy english. And my other friends complaine when I write stuff in norwegian. Please, let me write in what language I want, even if its crappy or not. I need to improve my english for Australia. Read, or dont read. Sometimes I write in english, sometimes in norwegian, and sometimes I have a shorter version at the end of the post on the other language.

Well, when that is said, the real blogpost.

One sheet and a pillowcase. A pair of gloves. The half of a flightticket. And heaps of good memories.

New place to live in october. Some awesome people. And me. Quiz one sunday in the month. Pillowwar everyday. The same with pokewar. Heaps of hugs. Hawaiiparty. A couch that got stuck in the stairs. It took us hours. But it was worth it. Fotballmatches. Sports on tv. Beer. Bettings. The northern light at the fortress. It was locked so we had to climb. Couchsurfers. Alot of BBQ’s. Climbing in ladder into someones room, just to find out they were not there. Funny pictures. Playing games in the kitchen. Cheese and potatomash. Nachspiel’s. Mustacheparty. Sushidinners. Skateboarding in the livingroom. Spanishlessons. Photoshop. Several massagesession, but one more important than the other. Turning the kitchen into a dancefloor. Rosenborg matches. Russecelebration. 17th of May, Norways nationalday. The last party. The very last party. The last drinkingday. The last party in the house. Goodbyes.

Thanks for some awesome months people!  Right now I’m packing my stuff. I’m moving out again, but I never regret that I moved in. You are all amazing! I will come back to the house on visit, for sure! And too you that have moved back home, hope to see you soon someday somewhere! Just because we are’nt in the same country does’nt mean we never will se eachother again! So, see yah all!


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