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Great festival. Trænafestivalen is the best. Ive been at both Storåsfestivalen and Sommerfestivalen before, but it cant be compared. Its party and music. Ofcourse. And both partying and the the music was more than great. But it was also such a beutiful nature. Really. On fridaynight when «DumDum Boys» played the last concert, the clock was about 01.00 am, I was still on my volunteerduty, and I looked around. I was stunned for a moment. I cant explaine it, but I havent a picture of it either. But it was sun, it was happy people, it was music and again, it was sun. (Wait, Im sure I can find a picture of it on the internet)

Yeah, I found one... Midnightsun <3

I wanna travel. I wanna travel NOW! Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Turkey, Greece, USA, Canada, England, Spain, France, Netherland, Germany… I wanna visit them all! In September, I have a one-way ticket to Amsterdam. Its crazy. But I will probably buy one returnticket from Münich. Im not sure though. I guess we’ll just see. Im really looking forward to it though. And in December. Yeah. Australia, Melbourne! Thats one thing I really really look forward to. On the backside of the planet. 10 hours into the future. Its gonna be epic. I feel misplaced in Trondheim right now. But in 6 months I can look back and I can say; «It wasnt that much waiting, 6 months went faster than I thought!» Woaw.


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  1. Nydelig Patricia,,,,,er ikke mer å si :-)


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