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Moths are so uncool as it gets. Today I woke up early to say goodbye to Dag and Henning. Two of my roomies. They have left the house, the city, this area, and are now at Nøtterøy. (Stupid name.. NutsIsland) Well, anyway. Suddenly a big shadow appears in my eyecorner, and I turn my head. I see nothing else than the big mess on my desk. (Heaps of clothes, books, accsesories, pillows and two weddinginvitations!) I walks out and say goodbye to Dag and Henning, and when I enter my room again… I see it. Its a big fucking moth! And its coming towards me! I freak out and start wave with my arms so it maybe switch direction…, but it aint! Instead it gets really mad and tries to attack me! (I dont know how a moth attack humans, but Im sure its something like what I just experienced). At this point I really really really freak out, and my heart is beating like a drum in a parade! I grab the nearest thing I find, a towel, and throws it agains the moth before I run to the livingroom. I try to relaxe and when Im breathing normally again, I goes back in. The moth are next to the window now. Flappering his wings and looks oh-so-evil! Im thinking about how brave I am, riscing my life for this, and goes toward the window, opens it, puts a pillow in front of my face and scoobs the moth outside. PJOH. Kinda intensive morning, I gotta say.

*dung dUng dung DUUNG DUUUUUUUNG!* Moth vs godzilla!


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Takk for at du leser bloggen min, du fremmede fugl! Eller kanskje er du ikke saa fremmed likevel. Uansett, legg igjen en kommentar da :)

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  1. Yes «pia» jeg skal prøve følge med på bloggen din. Klæmz <3 mams.

  2. skal jeg være korrekturleser på dine engelske innlegg? :P

    • haha, det er derfor jeg skriver på engelsk, for å bli bedre til jeg flytter down under ;) Og ja, jeg vet at det er en del feil der.. haha.. men takk for tilbudet Dag. Takk for tilbudet xD


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