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tengas un buen viaje de vuelta a casa guapo

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Zitt Zatt? Zitt Zatt!

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I’ve met Kent and Steven, two friends from Tromsø, up north in Norway. It was fun. We drove all over Trondheim, and had a bowlingmatch! Guess who did’nt win!

I’ve been on the mountain! Yay! It was great! I climbed, did some hiking and enjoyed the sun. Sadly for me I slipped on a big rock, and got bruces all over my body. It hurts. But it was worth it.

From my little hiking-alone-trip down the mountain.

Me in front of a empty lake...

During the night it was a bit spooky. I like this picture.

I’ve had a german couchsurfer over! Matze! He picked me up on the airport and has been sleeping on my couch for 5 nights now. Good times! He left this morning, its very quiet here.

I’ve had a little party. With Matze, Charlène, Henny and Stina. And a nachspiel with Matze, Charlène and TJ. Nice!

I’ve been bicykling downtown with Matze and Charlène!

Matze and Charlie at Bakklandet.

I’ve been at a concert with Cue Decay. Cue Decay rocks!

I’ve been on Lade path. We discovered a big scary cave with tunnels inside the mountain! We went in one place, and out another! Freaky!

Picture taken from one of the endtunnels.

I’ve seen footballmatches, and learned new stuff about the players and the coaches! Haha.. Maradona is a previous drugaddict, but he have been «clean» for 6/7 years now! And he cares alot for his players. He is like a father to them ;) Yeah. I know it all.

I’ve heard one of my roomies from Españia talk español alot, and I tried to understand, but I didnt get one single word. Spanish guys are hot when they talk spanish! YEAP!

I’ve been singing Disco Pogo with Matze. AWESOME! First time Ive been singing it with someone that knows the whole song!

I have so many stupid annoying songs stuck on my brain! «Look at my horse, my horse is amazing. Give it a lick… MMM, it taste just like raisin!», «Narwhales, narwhales, swimming in the ocean, pretty white and pretty big…» and not to forget… «STUMPF IST TRUMPF!»

I’ve got introduced to a new song from TJ. It goes like this: «Meet the girls of Norway, they party like a rock star.. on repeat!» Damn you, its stuck on my brain as well!

Mushroom Mushroom.

Heaps of love – Patsy

Shit happens!

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Moths are so uncool as it gets. Today I woke up early to say goodbye to Dag and Henning. Two of my roomies. They have left the house, the city, this area, and are now at Nøtterøy. (Stupid name.. NutsIsland) Well, anyway. Suddenly a big shadow appears in my eyecorner, and I turn my head. I see nothing else than the big mess on my desk. (Heaps of clothes, books, accsesories, pillows and two weddinginvitations!) I walks out and say goodbye to Dag and Henning, and when I enter my room again… I see it. Its a big fucking moth! And its coming towards me! I freak out and start wave with my arms so it maybe switch direction…, but it aint! Instead it gets really mad and tries to attack me! (I dont know how a moth attack humans, but Im sure its something like what I just experienced). At this point I really really really freak out, and my heart is beating like a drum in a parade! I grab the nearest thing I find, a towel, and throws it agains the moth before I run to the livingroom. I try to relaxe and when Im breathing normally again, I goes back in. The moth are next to the window now. Flappering his wings and looks oh-so-evil! Im thinking about how brave I am, riscing my life for this, and goes toward the window, opens it, puts a pillow in front of my face and scoobs the moth outside. PJOH. Kinda intensive morning, I gotta say.

*dung dUng dung DUUNG DUUUUUUUNG!* Moth vs godzilla!

The best and most beutiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.

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Accept what comes to you totally and completely so that you can appreciate it, learn from it, and then let it go.

«Cheer up Charlie
Give me a smile
What happend to the smile
I used to know?
Dont you know your grin has
always been my sunshine?
Let that sunshine show!

Come on Charlie,
no need to frown
Deep down you know
tomorrow is your toy

When the days get heavy
never pit a pat ’em
Up and  at ’em boy!

Some day
sweet as a song
Charlies lucky day will come along!

Til that day you’ve
gotta hold on strong Charlie.
Up on top
is right where you belong.

Look up Charlie,
you’ll se a star.
Just follow it
and keep your dreams in view.

Pretty soon the skies are gonna clear up, Charlie.
Cheer up Charlie, do.
Cheer up Charlie!

Just be glad you’re you.
Cheer up Charlie.»

I’ve had an awesome night with Charlene. I love my friends. I love everyone of you, really. People are awesome.

I like hot summer rain

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So many things to think about. It almost makes me insane. But I try. I try to focus. Not going mad.

I’m really looking forward to the summer this year. Although I have no idea how it will turn out to be. I have many «maybe» plans, but I think I will just live life and deside what to do right there and then. Thats the spirit. Live life and no regrets. Im sure it will be a blast anyway. Only one thing is 100% sure. Trænafestivalen up north in Norway. I’m gonna travel up some days before the whole thing starts, and catch up with some old friends from Lovund. I cant wait. Its probably the nicest place I’ve ever been to. I have so many good memories from the sealife, so all i do, is cross my fingers and hope the weather will be somwhat okey.

It seems like the summer will be a nice CS summer as well. (CS – CouchSurfing). Not that I will surf so many couches (or maybe, who knows?), but I have already been more active the latest days than I have been the whole periode. On friday I’m going to this BBQ with some other CS people, and next week there will be an international dinner day! Sounds awesome, and I cant wait to meet the other people that are going. This week it’s SurfEachOtherWeek (SEOW 2010), which means that people living in Trondheim can surf eachothers couches, even if they really dont need it. Its just a cool way to get to know eachother on. So yesterday I had a nice guy sleeping in my livingroom. Before we went to bed we had a BBQ with some of his friends outside the footballstadium. It was a big KISS concert, and we wouldnt miss it! It was awesome. Couchsurfing is awesome.

Memories that make you smile
(all photos are from 2005 and 2006)

Its so nice...

Thomas in the sunshine

Great time at Jeøya.


Kristian, Thomas and Marius in nice swimmingoutfit! Beutiful Lovund!

This photo is very likeable. Kristian and me.

Taken on the ferry on the way back from Lovund.

Lovund during the winter time

Gotta love this photo as well. Jørn Ove is the man!

I kinda miss this!

Happy Birthday Mamma

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Glad i dæ :)

Finland, 2006

Fairytale Cupcakes

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Hi world.

Today is a strange day. I dont know why. Not strange in a negative way. Or. I dont know actually. Its just strange. But strange days can turn out to be quite cool. Like today. Today is a cool day. I like balloons. Big ballons. Orange, big balloons. And I like other things. Like.. red things. And purple things. (And green, brown, red and blue things). And cinema. And friends. Mhm. I dont like weird feelings though. Blæ. BUT! I DO like this video!  Awesome!