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I got a bunch of english-talking friends lately, so I’m thinking about turning this blog into a english blog. Dont know if the idea is so great though, because my english tend to be very bad sometimes. Well. Lets just start with this post first. And then lets see. I assume that after being in Australia, my english is better, so maybe I just keep the blog in norwegian until then. Anyway. This post is on english, so lets rocka rolla!

After my two british couchsurfers Rob and Row left the city, I’ve already had one more. Chelsea from Pennsylvania, United States. She was studying in Germany though. It was so fun, we had a lot of conversation about the differences between countries and people. It was… intresting! Now, I’m just waiting for another email from a random couchsurfer. I want more people to visit, it’s a great way of getting better experience with socialising to strangers, and a better understanding of other countries, religions and cultures. As well as a really good experience with my own english. The whole couchsurfing idea is so great, I can’t belive it! Why is’n it more common? I really recommend you to try it out if you think this is something for you, you won’t regret! I promise!

Another great way to be better in my english is to talk it alot. So. Why am I not more upstairs here where I live? Second floor is a really international floor, with awesome people from France and Spain. (as well as awesome norwegian people). Today, I’ve been up there for several hours, and it was fun. I tryed to skateboard, but that part was a bit difficult. I also got a very short lesson in Photoshop, so hopefully I’ll learn some more trick. And. Not to forget. I learned a bit spanish! «Hola señors y señoritas. Mañana noche, tu y yo es fiesta y cerveza. ¿Por favor loco? Jajajaja» Haha, well. I’m not so good. But I am gonna be better. Thanks to Pablo and his awesomeness.

Tomorrow, me and Tine, Helene and TJ are going to the office that are sending us down to Australia. We have to find out what we wanna study, and then we will aply for school, lessons and schoolarships. I’m so exited, I hope the summer and fall will pass away fast!

Wow. I actually made it. A whole blogpost on english. I bet its crappy english though. Anyway, it’s stille better then my spanish. I’m pretty sure that this will be the first and last english post in a while though. But I’m not sure. Let us just wait and see.

Buenas noches. (Good night)


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Takk for at du leser bloggen min, du fremmede fugl! Eller kanskje er du ikke saa fremmed likevel. Uansett, legg igjen en kommentar da :)

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  1. Well, you’re making yourself understood, I guess, but it’s far from perfect…

    Men så kommer dette fra en engelskstudent også, da:P

    Men jeg synes du skal gjøre det, jeg :) Så lenge det er forståelig, og kun består av sånne små pirkefeil som i grunnen veldig mange gjør, så er det ikke noe i veien for at du skal blogge på engelsk :)

    • Mye enklere å skrive på norsk da… :) Enklere å sette det sammen til en tekst av den typen tekst jeg liker.

      Hmm.. Jeg vet ikke. Får se… :P

      • Ja, det er nettopp det – ting høres liksom bedre ut på norsk, siden det er det man kan best :p Men hvorfor ikke? Det kan jo ikke skade :)

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